Just started - some issues

Hello all,

I just got my hub yesterday and set it up. I had already purchased and installed 2 switches (1 dimmer, 1 normal) and 2 outdoor modules.

I placed the hub in our office/room which is in the front NE corner of house. It is currently on the desk in corner.

After initial set up and account creation I started to add the devices. The outdoor modules setup fairly quickly they are right outside the window of that room. No big issue.

Second I tried to pair the switches. I could not from where they were even though they are maybe 20 feet away just on the other side of a wall and closet space. To resolve this I just moved the hub temporarily and paired them. Good that’s done.

Now the issues I see are, last night while testing simple on and off and dimming, i saw a rather lengthy delay on all switches. It would work but at times the app was telling me incorrect status.

I had setup a schedule for the outdoor modules and those worked flawlessly this morning and I recently logged on to the app to check and it tells me all lights are on. I know they are not because i called my wife and she says they are off.

What would be the issue here?

As a note the 2 light switches are in the same location in a double box. I had to remove a part of the metal frame on one to make it fit. They are both in there nice and very snug. Not sure if that makes a difference.


Are your switches ZIgbee or Z-Wave? If they are z-wave, you may need something to repeat the signal sitting somewhere between the hub and the switches

This could be a plugin switch module, or possibly one of these Z-Wave repeaters (assuming you are using zwave). I had to use it in my install to get good signal from upstairs to downstairs in my case.

If you moved your hub around during the pairing process you should run a network repair:

Thanks for the responses. The switches are Z-wave, Evolve brand.

I did not know about the network repair, noob, i will definitely try that out once i get home. I assume that going forward if i have to move the hub to pair I will need to run this again.

I may end up moving the hub to a more central location of the house as I add more devices. For now they are all with 15-20 feet of the hub so it is ok where it is for now.

Seeing the benefits of this system I see myself automating everything. Oh boy this gets expensive fast.

Ok got it to work. I had to run the repair multiple time to get it working. Thanks @Tyler the info was spot on. I ended up moving the hub from the corner and that seems to have helped. I guess too much interference with the iMac, Comcast modem, Apple Airport, Cordless phone, etc. Well lets see how it goes from here.