SwiidInter Cord Switch Custom Device Type

So I finally got one of the SwiidInter cord switches ( http://www.vesternet.com/z-wave-swiidinter-cord-switch ) and it kind of works in ST as a generic “Z-Wave Switch”. However, it does not report its current status by default. So if you switch it on using ST, then switch it off manually, ST still thinks it’s on. In order for the switch to report its status, it has to be set to Association Group 2. And in order to do that, I believe I need a custom device type.

I’m not much of a coder, so I would love it if someone here could have a go at writing a custom device type. I’d even be happy to sponsor the effort by supplying a switch to anyone willing to take it on.

There is some basic information on the manufacturer website.
The user manual: http://www.swiid.com/medias/documents/ZCS-User-s-manual-vBAT2-02.12.2014.pdf
Advanced settings: http://www.swiid.com/medias/documents/advanced-swiidinter.pdf

I have a bunch of table lamps that I would love to use these with, so it would really make my day if someone could help with this.

I’ve put this request in this group, since the switch seems to be UK/Europe only.


If you post your code and questions in the following forum section someone will probably be able to help. :sunglasses: