SwannOne Sensors


I emailed Swann a few weeks ago about their SwannOne smart home stuff, and finally got a response, here’s the exchange:


I would like to know what protocol the SwannOne sensors (door/window and
motion) use? If it is Zigbee, do they use the HA 1.2 profile?

Many thanks

And the response:

Hi Chris,

Thank you for contacting Swann Technical Support.

With regards to your concern, the answer is Yes, our system uses Home Automation (HA) 1.2 profile.

They do a twin pack of door sensors for £44.99 making them £22.49 each which so far seems the cheapest I have found. (http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/swannone-wireless-windowdoor-sensor-twin-pack-a63tr).

The motion/temperature sensor doesn’t seem too badly priced either at £34.99 (http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/swannone-wireless-pir-motion-and-temperature-sensor-a61tr)

These also appear to be available from Screwfix.

They word it as if it only works with their hub but given that it’s using the Zigbee HA 2.1 profile I suspect it’ll work with ST.

Anyone tried any of these yet?

Perhaps you will need to be the first to try them and report back :smile:

Certainly looks like it! :smile:

Concentrating on buying Xmas presents at the moment, maybe in the new year I’ll get hold of some :smile:

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I have the Swannone thermostat and although not installed yet, the ST hub does recognise it and is able to detect the temperature. It is identical to the Zen thermostat, hence there should be no problems.

I recently got the Swannone indoor siren. It is recognised by ST as an unknown device. I am not able to use any apps with it or to get an option menu. It is also supposed to be Zigbee HA1.2. Any ideas? Otherwise, I will return it.

Have you tried changing the device type in the IDE?

No. Not sure how to do that.

Ah sorry! If you go here you’ll be taken to the login page of the IDE. Use your Smartthings account details to login.

This link has more info on the IDE and what you can do with it, it can be a bit daunting so read up first.

Basically I was suggesting that you change the device type of the siren to one that Smartthings recognises but looking in the IDE there doesn’t actually seem to be a generic zigbee siren handler anyway.

My local office supply store has just started selling SwannOne devices and I have a gift card burning a hole in my pocket so I plan on picking up a motion sensor or key fob today. Will post my findings later.

Thanks Paul. Its like a whole new world has opened up! I was looking through the Smartapps but cannot find where it says what sort of protocol it uses, z-wave or zigbee. Can you show me where?

I don’t think it shows you within the app what protocol devices use unfortunately. If you can get Smartthings to recognise it as any kind of device and you do get into the IDE it will show whether a device is zigbee or not as per my screenshot of my device list below:

If it doesn’t have a zigbee ID than it’s probably a z-wave device (unless it’s connected through wifi or it’s a virtual device but that’s another story!). Failing all that hopefully it says what protocol it uses on the box it came in!

I do have a zigbee id for the siren, so it is detected by the hub:

Siren Unknown Sky Plaza Sky Plaza Hub 00124B0006219C54 F3D7 INACTIVE 3 days ago

However, there are no apps associated with it. I’m not sure if there is a way on IDE to narrow down the apps available to those which use zigbee only?

The “Unknown” field is where the device is falling over, this needs to be changed to something that Smartthings recognises and can send commands to. Click on the display name of the device in the IDE then choose edit. You should then be able to choose a different device type from the dropdown box. As there isn’t a generic zigbee siren type try change it to a zigbee switch maybe? Be sure to hit update after you’re done.

No guarantees but this might give you the ability to at least turn it off and on (I have a z-wave siren that paired as a switch when it first connected).

Success! After trialling a few different device types I can confirm the SwannOne motion sensor works! Right now it only has motion sensing capability, will need a bit of tinkering to get temperature and battery status but I’m very encouraged to find a local device that works with my US SmartThings system here in Australia.

I used the Smartsense Motion device type if anyone is interested.

Update: It was working for an hour or so but now it’s not sending any motion events to the hub. I think this could be due to the strength of my zigbee network or lack thereof, I placed it about as far away as possible in my apartment from the hub and it seems to have dropped off. Further testing needed methinks!

Hopefully it’s not the same problem as the Xiaomi ones. But Swann did say their sensors were HA 1.2 so I would hope it’s just distance like you say.

I’m at the end of my very limited knowledge of how to get this working. I’ve removed and re-paired the device multiple times but can’t get the same behaviour I saw when it was detecting motion events for a brief period of time.

I’ll try a test zigbee device type tonight to see if I can get the clusters it reports on join but smarter minds than mine may have to write a custom device handler.

Edit: here are the results from live logging:

1f5c29ba-5973-49a0-ae91-7a851df519ad 12:52:46: debug parse description: enroll request endpoint 0x01 : data 0x000D
1f5c29ba-5973-49a0-ae91-7a851df519ad 12:52:16: debug Get Clusters Called
1f5c29ba-5973-49a0-ae91-7a851df519ad 12:51:46: debug parse description: enroll request endpoint 0x01 : data 0x000D

Hi Paul. Glad to hear you are from Australia as well. I tried a few of the Zigbee options (switch, switch power, dimmer, dimmer power) and it is not recognised by the hub when I Smartapp it with my contact sensor. I may return it to Dick Smith after the holidays.
Which z-wave siren are you using?

I think I’ll start a new topic and put out a wider request for assistance, folks might see the UK specific discussion tag and not read the thread.

I’m using this Everspring siren.

Sounds like a good idea. I’ll keep the Everspringsiren in mind.

So what Swannone devices have you guys got successfully working?

Back on another thread, we are trying to get the keyFob working. It’s a great design!

We can get all 4 buttons working and controlling things, but after a short while, it unpairs itself, and we have to re-pair again.

I was wondering if other Swannone items are unpairing after a short while?

Did any of you manage to get those cheap door contacts working? I notice that Screwfix also has packs of two for £44.99 - seems like a bargain, if they work!

I guess I’m going to have to buy some to find out then!