SwannOne Open Close sensors

(Paul Ockenden) #1

Here in the UK there’s a very cost effective ZigBee open/close sensor
available from SwannOne.

It doesn’t play nicely with SmartThings though. Although the device is HA
1.2 compliant, and connects OK to the ST hub, after about an hour or so the
connection is dropped and it no longer responds.

The devices work well, obviously, with SwannOne’s own hub - so a reliable
connection SHOULD be possible.

There’s more details in this thread:

I reached out to the UK SmartThings support team, and they replied: “With the SwannOne, not being officially compatible there is not a lot of support we can provide from here. You are going down the right path with reaching out to the community, unfortunately it seems allot of people are having the same issue, it would seem to be a SwannOne hardware incompatibility. It is possible that they work on a Zigbee channel that is on the cusp of the SmartThings range.”

They also suggested posting here, so that’s what I’m doing!

Can anyone help?



(Andrew Ferguson) #2

Bump. I’m having the same trouble. These devices appears to work very well until they become inactive, and then never work again until re-paired.
I have about 10 of them, and a SwannOne hub, which is nowhere near as good as the ST ecosystem IMHO and would much rather use them with ST.

(Michael) #3

Many hours have been spent trying to get these working by many people. You can search the forum for examples. Unfortunately they don’t cooperate with ST leading me to believe SwannOne may be using something proprietary. I returned mine while I had the opportunity.