Swann one siren connects but won't function

I recently bought the new swann smart 8400 dvr system. It came with many devices that ST recognizes but have no function but being unknown. I’m beginning to get involved more with IDE capabilities and seeing that you can change or manipulate devise credentials. After buying the “smart system” I realized the swann hub has just allowed all my smartthings to integrate with the swann hub but the swann key fob, motion, door sensor, siren don’t do much with ST but say unknown. So they still somehow connect and I wondered if there was a way within core or ide to structure my siren to work or trigger as a zwave devise.

Swannone devices are zigbee, not Z wave. Nothing you can do about that, it’s a completely different protocol.

The zigbee standard allows for different “profiles” including manufacturer proprietary. These cannot all talk to each other, they don’t even use the same addressing standard.

SmartThings uses the “zigbee home automation” profile (ZHA 1.2) Devices that use exactly that profile can typically be made to work with SmartThings, although they may require custom code.

Devices which use other zigbee profiles either won’t pair with SmartThings at all, or may pair just as a generic thing and be unusable, or may pair but keep disconnecting from the network.

In the case of swann, a few of their devices do use the ZHA profile, and those will work with SmartThings. But many of them appear to be using a manufacturer proprietary zigbee profile, and just won’t work with SmartThings. :disappointed_relieved:

Thank you. This just confirmed my zwave believe. I understand so now I’ll have to sale this 110db siren. Lame cause I bought the 500 dollar system when I could of spent 300 for the same thing. I like the swann security cameras I have set up but I expected more with there new smart dvr hub. I was hoping I could of set the panic button for my goodnight turn all lights off routine

I’m in the US and seem to have no use for these items