SwanOne Outlet (UK) Zigbee

Does anyone have a solution for a SwanOne UK outlet? The Hub sees it, but has no clue what it is. It is a Zigbee device, so I thought it would work. :-/

I’m not in the UK and don’t have this outlet, but have you tried changing the device handler to a similar product in the IDE?

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Just being Zigbee isn’t enough. Zigbee has several different profiles, and they are not all compatible with each other. In general, look for devices that use "Zigbee home automation 1.2 (ZHA 1.2), which is the profile that SmartThings uses, and you will have the best luck. You want to see the Home logo, not just the Zigbee logo.

As it happens, Swannone does say that this particular pocket socket is ZHA certified. ( it appears their sensors might not be, however. )

Every zigbee device has its own “fingerprint.” If SmartThings doesn’t already have that fingerprint on file, the device will just pair as a “thing.”

Then you have to go into the IDE and change the device type/Handler to a similar device that SmartThings does know.

Several people have reported that they were able to get this pocket socket working. I believe they just change the device handler to the SmartThings plug.
Hopefully someone who actually has it working will reply here as well.

Thanks very much.

Seriously green newbie here. Just got my ST yesterday. How do I change the device handler n the IDE?

Here are the instructions to do the same thing for a different device, an Orvibo sensor. Just start reading there and continue down until you get to the post with the screenshots. (Device handler and device type are the same thing, both terms are used.)

The difference is going to be that you’re going to change to a different device Handler than the one in the example

@JDRoberts - very helpful thank you. I was easily able to get the SwanOne pocket plug working by simply logging into my online ST account and changing the device handler for the ‘Thing’ that it found. Simple as could be.

Why can this function be added to the app? For a simple (no code change IDE change) it would seem really smart and simple.

Probably because they don’t want everyone changing device handlers on the fly. If they put it in the app they would probably incur more support costs from people accidently changing the handlers. It’s more of a don’t touch it unless you have to type of thing.

If you contact support@smartthings.com they might be able to walk you though getting the device fingerprint to add it to the stock handler you choose so it would automatically find it next time.

Hi, is this device still working after a month with no issues unlike the sensors?

Hi, yes the swanOne socket is working great. I also have a UK belkin (wemo) one that works great. Both are set up to automatically turn on and off Daly for different reasons.

The belkin was a little more confusing to set up, because it is actually wifi, so you have to set it up via the wemo app, via wifi first.

Both are great.