Zigbee plugs UK

Hi all, I’m looking for a zigbee plug to kill two birds with one stone; I need a zigbee repeater to go in the kitchen near where my presence fobs are (on the keys) as they often create false arrival and leaving events. I’m pretty sure it’s just being too far from the hub, but ideally I’d like to keep them where they are.

I also need a plug anyway in the kitchen for a specific use case and the socket is near the keys.

However the only UK zigbee plug I know of is the SmartThings official one. At 44 quid a pop it’s not a cheap device.

The other plugs I know of that work in the UK are either ZWAVE (TKB) or WiFi (Belkin).

Does anyone know of any other Zigbee plugs (as plugged in I am presuming all will repeat) and works with SmartThings???

I know light bulbs may repeat by the way, but I want a plug ideally for the reasons above

The SwannOne plug is certified for ZHA 1.2 , and some UK community members report it is working. (Note that the same is not true for the SwannOne sensors.) Might be worth a look, although I don’t know how much cheaper it will be. Also be careful when shopping as they also make a Wi-Fi plug which will not act as a zigbee repeater.

Thanks @JDRoberts. I’ll have a look at them - seems to be about £10 cheaper so it’s not too bad.

Both Samsung.com and PcWorld/Currys seem to have lots of sales off/on at the moment, makes the plug around £36 if I remember…I certainly picked one up when it was cheaper.

Free shipping too!

Might be worth waiting till there is an offer one if you can?