Can't get much support for classic to new app migration

I have raised a ticket to smartthing uk for over 1 month back and forth about I have multiple location in the new app but not going anywhere, later I removed a location I did not create manually myself and smartthing support thought it is resolved

The issue is after the new app migration smartthing no longer see I have a valid hub in the country I am located so I cannot add any new device in the new app but in the classic app it is all working as usual, seems the uk support never understand the issue at all and there may be a week before my setup no longer works as it should

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I have similar issue. Been told to fix the issue I need to create a whole new Samsung account and hard reset and setup all my devices on new account. With 75+ devices … I’m not doing that anytime soon. Honestly seems easier to move to a new platform at this point. Waiting to see what else breaks … still using the Classic app since it is VERY painful with new app and status never correct and waiting seconds before I can even do anything. I was hoping new firmware would fix issue…but nothing changed.

I got a good news seems the new app suddenly able to see all my devices/smartapp/routines/automation (not so after the migration) and I can see my smartthing hub in the new app as well :wink: and just got an email from support they have issued a hotfix for such migration issue I have no chance to test every thing but seems looks promising

Just wonder if there is any regional restrictions on smartapp? I can only see all my old custom app but when trying to add new smartapp nothing is listed? Seems I read somewhere I should add a us based samsung account as member then it will be fine, what about uk?

Yes, there are some Smartapps that are region locked such as smart lock guest access and SmartThings Home Monitor. I would not suggest changing your region. I do suggest contacting ST support and report the issue and request they review those restrictions.

If you don’t see any Smartapps other than your custom Smartapps, let ST support know.

I already did report the issue it is just taking more time than I expected thanks