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Support of OTA firmware updates for Z-Wave / Z-Wave Plus devices


(Gonzalo Parra) #82

Indeed! Placing my order as I type this… :slight_smile:


Just remember you need the zflash kit, not just the stick or just the software:

  • Kit includes HomeSeer Z-Flash software and HomeSeer SmartStick+ Z-Wave interface


I am new here and was just reading your post.

I unfortunately bought the stick without the software. I am reading in different places and want to make sure I have the correct info before repurchasing the correct package.

When you buy the stick and the Software:

  1. Those are the only two things you need? You don’t need any of their additional devices or any other software from them?

  2. Runs only on Windows?

  3. Have you heard anything on the Aeotec Zwave USB stick? Do you need to purchase any additional software?

Just trying to figure out which USB stick I should purchase, since I have a second chance at it again.

Thanks for your time and advice.


You can buy the Z flash software separately, it’s just going to cost you a little more than if you had bought it with the stick.

  • Requires Desktop or laptop PC running Windows 7 or later with .NET 4.52 (or later) installed

The aeotec USB stick is a good Z wave controller, so it is similar hardware to the Homeseer stick— but you would need to check with Homeseer to see if it will work with the zflash software or not. I just don’t know one way or the other.

(Gonzalo Parra) #86

I was told by HomeSeer support this morning that “Z-Flash software will be going on sale later today, I recommend waiting for the sale price to go live. I do not know the planned sale price, however.”

(Kirk Hilzinger) #87

I found that on Windows machines, I am having more luck running the application as “administrator”. This was especially useful joining and disjoining and erasing the USB stick.

It has yet to find all my Leviton dimmers and switches but I think I am going try moving my tablet closer to some of my other ones and see if it finds them. That is something I am trying to get support on.

I wish other vendors would produce downloadable .HEX files for this. Apparently, my Multisensor 6 sensors need a code update but they have their own program that works off of the stick and you have to disjoin/join the device. NO THANK YOU!

I will say that support is a bit temperamental. They are pulling that “ask Smartthings” when I run into problems, to which I know Smartthings is going to point the finger to them as I am sure it is not 100% supporterd. At work, I typically get both vendors on a conference call and make them argue with each other when they do that.

(Borristhecat) #88

I did this the other day but didn’t need to remove or rejoin. As the device was on hubitat I just plugged the stick into the PC and ran the software simple! I know it doesn’t help much for ST but in doing research for it there is a suggestion that you can pair a stick to your network and update the devices that way. Like a slave master set-up


The Graber Virtual Cord shades will have a firmware update soon as well. @ZebraBlinds is working with Graber on getting the update files and having these updates done though ST would be awesome!


I have the BE469NX lock as well - is there a firmware update available? What issues does it fix? Thx!


It used to be updated through a Nexia hub, but that stopped a long time ago. As far as I know, there’s no way to get a firmware update on that lock now.


Good point, I forgot about the Nexia hub. I think mine ended up having the latest firmware when I bought it. I wonder if there’s a newer version anywhere … but yes, ST should be able to update these!


Once there is a file available, I think you should be able to add that file to the zflash utility without it having to go to homeseer first. I know that’s been their intention.

Z-Flash is designed to work with standard OTA “.hex” firmware files from most manufacturers. Check with the manufacturer(s) of your product(s) to see if OTA firmware updates are available for your use.

(Gonzalo Parra) #94

OMG!!! I can’t believe it guys!!!

I finally received the HomeSeer SmartStick+ and flashed the 1.20 firmware to the Leviton Z-Wave Plus switches and dimmers, it does solve the problem of them not reporting status change when manually triggering the remotes!!! I’m so happy…

(Gonzalo Parra) #95

BTW, looking at the IDE the devices are still showing the old firmware version, I tried several things to refresh the status, etc. but couldn’t make it update… I finally chose a dimmer I don’t use in any SmartApp as a test one and excluded it / re-added it and it now show the right version… I don’t see any other difference in the supported classes, etc. so not sure if this will just be cosmetic but was wondering if there is any way to get devices to update this without having to re-add them?

(Alex) #96

@Lumute - I believe you are referring to the Raw Description. It is my understanding that excluding and re-including is the only way to update it. I do not believe the firmware revision has ANY impact in the raw description. I recently updated all of my HomeSeer Dimmers and Switches using ZFlash and the HomeSeer zwave USB stick. The firmware shows as updated in the tool but the raw description remained the same. The switches required an exclude and re-include due to a significant firmware change but the dimmers did not. Both, however, reported the new firmware in a tile inside the DTH as there is some programmatic way to query the firmware version from the device. The version displayed on the tile was the actual more current one and NOT the one in the raw description. This is to say that even for that feature, the raw description is ignored.

(Gonzalo Parra) #97

Thanks, this is good to know!

(Marco) #98

Could you please share with us what is needed in order to upgrade? And link to the software please?
Do I need to exclude and include again devices or it’s not needed at all?

Thanks a lot

(Alex) #99

@Marco_Raimondi - If you are referring to the tool I used to update the firmware of my HomeSeer dimmers and switches, this is what I used:

It can be used to update zwave plus devices from other vendors IF they give you the firmware files. The software comes with a few already but it is nothing compared to the number of devices that it could update. I know Aeon and Zooz provide files if available, Leviton provided HomeSeer with files so some of their models can be updated using this tool without any extra effort. Fibaro refused to give me firmware files and told me I needed to ship it to them to get the upgrade (yeah right!), and last I read Jasco is indefinitely “thinking about it”.

HomeSeer is glad to add more firmware files if manufacturers give them the files. If we ask the manufacturers to do so en masse maybe we can get more to do it.

The nice thing is that the software allows you to add the HomeSeer zwave plus stick as a secondary controller to your existing system. You can then see all the devices and update them without excluding them. HOWEVER, in some cases the firmware update might be major and therefore require an exclude and/or reset. In my case the switches required a reset as they lost their original node ID after the update. A quick reset (to start fresh) and an include fixed the issue. I tried to “exclude” them first but I believe it did not work, likely because it no longer had its original node ID. I had to “force remove” the old switches from ST given a regular exclude did not work. I would also do a network repair to clean up the ‘mess’ after such operations.

PS.: Dal nome direi che sei Italiano al 100%. Mia madre e’ italiana ed io sono cresciuto a Roma. Mi sono trasferito in USA (TX) nel 2001 per lavoro. Immagino tu sia in USA o UK dato che in Italia ST non e’ ancora disponibile, giusto?

(Marco) #100

Ciao, no lo utilizzo in Italia ma comprato in UK :slight_smile:

Nice to here Italian language in this forum :wink:


Did you use the stick that came with the Hubitat? I want to update my Leviton DImmers on Hubitat but I am not sure if I need to purchase the Homeseer stick or I can just use the one that came with Hubitat and use the Z-Flash software.