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Support of OTA firmware updates for Z-Wave / Z-Wave Plus devices


(Borristhecat) #102

Yeah just the hubitat stick the network information is both in the hub and in the stick. So you just plug it in to a PC and run the software and off you go :grinning: well it was like that for the aeotec products anyway.


Nice even better! I bought the kit just in case, figured it was only another $20 for the stick.


I was successful in updating all of my Leviton dimmers/switches with Z-Flash and the Hubitat USB stick to FW version 1.20. Just to prevent any potential issues I did exclude the devices and reset them back to factory after I updated the firmware. Took a little extra time to re-include them, but worth it for the peace of mind.

All the previous issues that I had with the dimmers/switches are gone though! I can’t believe how fast they are now with Hubitat, status changes are instant, even from the remote dimmer.

For how big these changes were it shouldn’t be this hard to get these updates, you should have been able to get them from Leviton directly.

(Bradlee S.) #105

After speaking with a Jasco rep, they mentioned they don’t release firmware updates because no one supports them. If ST supported OTA Z-Wave updates, they would gladly send them over!

(Benji) #106

I wish Jasco would fix the damn light dimming issues and the LED light issue on the fan controllers!


Homeseer has a kit which can allow smartthings owners to do OTA zwave Updates. (And of course it also works for Homeseer customers.) this is discussed at length in the thread above. Just send them the link to that device and then ask them if they will give the files either to you or to homeseer to be included with their z-flash utility. :sunglasses:

( obviously, it would be best if smartthings would provide the capability themselves, but you could update your devices today if you got the Homeseer kit and it had the files that you needed.)

(Bradlee S.) #108

I did. Waiting for a response.

(Bradlee S.) #109

What is the “light dimming issue”?

(Benji) #110

Jasco decided with ZW+ that they were going to conform to the new standard that if it receives a “set level command” it will jump straight to that level instead of gradually transitioning.

This is problematic when all your Smart Lighting automations use “set level 100%” instead of just “turn on”, the lights go from 0% to 100% instantly.

Jasco later apparently realised this was dumb and gave the option to change this behaviour I believe, the problem is, despite what they say, they actually forced this behaviour on NON ZW+ switches, on the last firmware releases for the end of the 12724 line.

My earlier 12724’s are fine but the ones I bought later on exhibit this behaviour and it’s REALLY annoying and I have absolutely no way of changing it.

(DavidK) #111


I just purchased the new Ge zwave plus dimmer. If it has the latest firmware does it have this problem?

(Benji) #112

If it’s brand new and not old stock, technically yes but so long as it has the latest firmware there is a parameter you can change that will fix the ‘bug’ (in my opinion).

That being said, you’ll have to (only temporarily if you want) use a custom DTH to actually change that parameter.



Would love official support for the GE Motion Dimmer switch 26933 in general.

I have GE & Leviton devices that need updating.


(Bradlee S.) #114

Ah. Guess I’ve never seen this issue because I’ve always set the parameters on the dimmer that control ramp rates.

(DavidK) #115


I do not think the newer 14294 plus dimmer has this behavior.

Are you sure?

(Benji) #116

Yeah, I really need to keep track of the threads/links I had that detail all of this and the “explanation” from Jasco about all this. It does affect them but they have an additional parameter that allows you change to change the behaviour, the last of the 12724’s have this behaviour but in their infinite wisdom, they didn’t think it was an issue and so didn’t even give you the parameter to change that behaviour…

Sometimes I really wish I was on the firmware QA teams for everyone so I could say “no, that’s stupid, put it back the way it was”.


@Kianoosh_Karami Please add firmware update for Fibaro dimmer 2. The official DTH requires the latest firmware version. Other firmware will fail the config sync because they dont have all the parameters that the new firmware has


I am on the phone with Leviton support (only 30 minutes holding to get through). They are telling me that they are working closely with Samsung on OTA updates. They told me that update will be released in about 14 days.

I was told the the issue of device going unresponsive will be resolved once rolled out.

I was further told they they would escalate my info to tier 2 that would keep me informed as the roll out got closer. Waiting hopeful this will fix the issue I had with both ST and HE and Leviton

(Blaine M) #119

After waiting more than a year for something to move on this I bit the bullet and bought this HomeSeer Z-Flash Z-Wave Firmware Update Kit for $35. I was able to update the Dimmers from v1.13 and Switches from v1.15 both to v1.20.

Although the process of updating 17 devices took a few hours it was very simple to do. You do not need to exclude / include or any of that. The device is added as a secondary controller and it discovers all of your devices that it has firmware available for. It sends each one the update and then the device installs it. It’s really very transparent to SmartThings.

One thing to note is that some devices take longer than other based on the connection rate of each. Some only took 5 minutes while a few took as long as 25 minutes to update.

After the update I rebooted the hub and ran a z-wave repair as maintenance.

So far everything is working great. The remotes now report properly and so far nothing has dropped off of the network.

I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get this. I’ve only had this about 24 hours but so far I’m impressed and highly recommend it.

I hope that SmartThings does finally provide this feature for all Z-Wave devices, but I was tired of waiting to get this problem fixed. Even if they do address the problem you may still need this for any device that they don’t support. I’m planning to update my Inovelli devices next.



(Jimmy) #120

Hmmm, I would take the time line with a grain of salt. If they are working on it, that would require a hub firmware update, which presumably means there would be a hub firmware beta.

(Benji) #121

Yeah, there has been zero word of a firmware update that would allow Z-Wave OTA updates in the first place.

Would be great and maybe they’ll surprise us but I don’t think it’s their priority right now, unless there’s something else that requires it that might drive up priority.