[New Release] - SmartThings Philips Hue Edge LAN driver now supports additional Hue device types

Hey everyone!

We are adding support for the following Philips Hue devices to the existing SmartThings Hue LAN Edge Driver:

  1. Dimmer switch
  2. Tap dial switch
  3. Smart button
  4. Motion sensor
  5. Contact sensor
  6. In-wall switch module
  7. Smart plug
  8. Compound lights (Dymera indoor/outdoor light)

It’s easy to set them up! Add your Hue devices to your Hue bridge and you can control these devices in SmartThings right away by creating new routines and scenes, or joining existing automations. It has never been easier to control your home!

These devices are supported through both the LAN and Matter integrations, with the added functionality of room syncing available only through the LAN integration. Support for the rotary function of the Tap Dial Switch is excluded in both integrations.

Release notes:

The following previously unsupported device types are now added to the Philips Hue LAN Edge Driver:

  1. Contact and Motion Sensors
  2. On/Off Lights and Smart Plugs
  3. 4-button remotes, such as the Hue Dimmer Remote and the Tap Dial
    We do not currently support the rotary portion of the tap dial with this change
  4. Single button remotes, such as the Hue Smart Button*
  5. Two-button remotes*
  6. Compound lighting devices, such as the Dymera indoor/outdoor light

*The Hue In-Wall Switch Module would be treated as a single or two-button remote as the REST API for this module is stateless, meaning that it does not map to on-off, but rather either a single or two-button remote.

Help Us Help You

We can’t wait for you to enjoy more device integrations on the SmartThings platform. Share with us your experience of this new integration! Also, if you do report an issue, please be sure to turn on impersonation access so we can more quickly work to resolve your concern.

To provide our team access, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to SmartThings Web (https://my.smartthings.com/))
  2. Log in to your Samsung Account
  3. Select the Menu (⋮) and choose Settings
  4. Toggle on Account Data Access
  5. Select the time period and choose Confirm

Well this is great and welcome news. It’s strange there was a platform migration with frustratingly less support for hue devices from the get go. Looks like I might be able to start using the official drivers again.

This is great news! Thank you to the development team. Will be nice if Smartthings created the opportunity to handle dimming better in routines for when a dimming button is pressed.


Great. I can use the temperature info in the Hue sensors now and put them in ActionTiles.
I saw the temperature from the Hue sensors already in Google Home. Nice.

In the past Hue didn’t always work very well, but everything is super now.

I certainly will use the options in the switch modules.

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