TP Link Tapo P125M Matter Mini Smart Plug $15.99

I had posted this new Matter smart plug from TP-Link in the Matter thread but the price has changed (using code) so I am posting:

Code: 20MATTER

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damn you…ordered.

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I already have plenty of smart switches with a few extra. I could see how this deal would benefit someone who Needs them, but I don’t see why I would order it just because it supports matter? Am I missing something?

What i dont understand & mayne someone can explaine is this would if its wifi, how does it work with smartthings, which disnt work with wifi devices. So would all the fearures that the plug has be enabled through smrttthings. I read a little bit about matter but didnt pay too much attention. What im thinking is this would be cloud based & tp woild have to have some type of software enabling it to connect to smartthings.

Wifi/Ethernet devices can work over your LAN with a SmartThings hub. Historically this is how Hue bridge, Sonos, Bose, Wemo and others have worked. Matter will work in the same way. Matter uses SmartThings Edge drivers to communicate to Matter devices over your LAN.

So then samsung is baaically making drivers for anything that is labeled matter?

Before Matter, ST supports three different communication protocols for Wi-Fi devices:

  • OCF (Open Connectivity Foundation)
  • VIPER (Cloud->Cloud integration)
  • Websocket (both Groovy and Edge)

Matter is a standard communication protocol that will run on top of TCP/IP over different transports. Currently supported transports are 1) Thread mesh networking; and 2) Wi-Fi. I can’t find @JDRoberts excellent post and diagram but maybe he can re-post it here or link to it.

yes. They have 6 matter drivers live that should handle any Matter certified device (as of February 2023)

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And that’s because Matter itself has only defined support for a limited set of device types. More are expected to come out during 2023, notably “White Goods” (fridge, washer/dryer, etc). Here is a good article that explains Matter and what devices are supported and expected to be supported in the near future.

So samsung has to make an edge driver for any matter device?

ST will have to do it or someone will have to develop a community driver.

They have already made the Matter drivers for any current Matter certified device. A device specific driver doesn’t need to be made.