Support for Frient Keypad


I have been looking for a nice keypad working with SmartThings, in my case the new Aeotec controller.

From what I can see from a couple of sites like Vesternet, the device is labeled with “Works With SmartThings”.

The problem is that when I try to add it using a brand, there a a couple of Frient devices but not the keypad. I have not found any “Add Generic Zigbee” device either, which is possible for Z-wave.

Any idea on this or any tips or recopmmendations to choose Ring 2 keypad instead?


Try “scan for nearby devices”.

Thanks! I just wanted to know how to add unknown devices before I buy the device and this can sure be the way!


To clarify while you can pair a device with a specific DTH or driver but you can’t use it since there’s no driver/dth to allow the platform to use it’s features.