Support for Frient Keypad


I have been looking for a nice keypad working with SmartThings, in my case the new Aeotec controller.

From what I can see from a couple of sites like Vesternet, the device is labeled with “Works With SmartThings”.

The problem is that when I try to add it using a brand, there a a couple of Frient devices but not the keypad. I have not found any “Add Generic Zigbee” device either, which is possible for Z-wave.

Any idea on this or any tips or recopmmendations to choose Ring 2 keypad instead?


Try “scan for nearby devices”.

Thanks! I just wanted to know how to add unknown devices before I buy the device and this can sure be the way!


To clarify while you can pair a device with a specific DTH or driver but you can’t use it since there’s no driver/dth to allow the platform to use it’s features.

Did you find out if it works? What keypad did you get?

On Amazon it’s listed as works with SmartThings. I’ve ordered one.

Any news? There are any driver that works with It?

I’ve been in touch with their Support team and I’m testing a Beto version of their edge driver. It’s working well but missing some functionality but once released I would have to recommend the device. It’s great even with the Beta edge drivers

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fantastic I’m seeing one of these keypads and I’m undecided between the ring and this when it’s ready… I hope I’ll be able to choose :rofl:

Three months on and still working great. It’s outdoors so see for it survives the winter

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You can share some screen about the possibilities enablend with the driver? Tnks

The device has loads of modes depending on its status. By using authorised codes you can control the various modes. And using these modes you can control devices. For example when in arming mode my Sonos device counts down. My delay is set to 30 seconds after time the keypad changes to armed away mode, which changes STHM to away mode. And locks all doors and turns off lights etc

tnks is great… and you can use the rfid?

Not really. When I waved my phone over the keypad it brought up Apple Pay. But didn’t try anything else

I think that you Need to use something like that… Where you have ti write your PIN code… The you can pass the tag near the keypad and press unlock button…

Ok thanks I’ve ordered a few of them. I’ll give it a try. And see what happens


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Keep me updated :wink:

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Hello Jeff… have you any update about the rfid tag?

Good morning, I’m following the topic, I’m also interested in a smart keypad.
This Frient is interesting but also disturbing in that it does not have an official driver for SmartThings.
Do we have any news on use with RFID?

RFID isn’t working, and the manufacturer sent me a link to their beta driver. Not sure if the have a final version yet. I didn’t need to change the beta does everything I need.