Super LAN Connect Beta - Round 2

Bring it on, been hoping for this for a long while.

How does Super LAN Connect deal with WeMo after a power outage or hub reboot? As it is now the regular WeMo connect no longer recognizes the WeMo, and they must be removed from the IDE device list and remove WeMo connect and start discovery all over again. Of course this is a huge pain as all automations will not work until the devices are again selected for each app.

Am I supposed to be receiving an email about what you want us to do on this round 2 for testing? Since the first round I now have a new Hue Hub and lights plus a new Sonos speaker. Do we post in the private thread for this round for questions and or comments like this?

I have been having issues with my WeMo motion not being able to add. When I try to add it first to the WeMo app it finds it but for whatever reason, the WeMo sees my local WiFi and I am able to enter in my local WiFi credentials however it won’t successfully connect, it just keeps spinning on that screen. So I am not able to get SmartThings Super LAN to even see it yet.

FYI; It use to work using the WeMo app but I deleted it and started over because ST lost comm with it under the Round 1 of Beta.

I do not have the issues you describe. After a power failure, or if I flip the breakers to do work or reboot the hub all nine of my Wemos come back online. It sometimes take a few minutes while the server to server links all tie up again but I never have to do anything manually.

OK, I am hoping I will have the same results once on the Super LAN Connect.

Just to be clear, I am not on the Super LAN Connect beta.

I understand that. I am just saying my experience hasn’t been great.

Any ETA when the next Beta will start?

@slagle Update, seeing issues with HUE as well. Looks like there is no Beta. ST just dropped on my Hub (I am not part of the Beta) and now my Sonos is screwed up yet again. Was pretty rock solid for a year but it is getting close to that time that Sonos is screwed up on ST every year anyway. Now I will have to spend an hour or 2 re configuring when I should be dealing with something else. Thanks ST. I have to say the last couple of days ST has been below poor on communications. I did not ask for this!

I can confirm the update in ide worked. however i have well over 30 devices and now i have to go through each of them and do this. frankley i have better things to do with my time.

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UPDATE: i have just figured out i have to do rthis for EVERY device in my system. - motion sensors wont trigger unless they are updated too. no idea on other non lighting related devices will update once ive gone through ALL my devices - this is almost as bad as it gets… just glad found this tread before removing and adding

Is this what support is suggesting?

These features have been released publicly. This is no longer a beta.

If you’re having issues please email You shouldn’t need to go into the IDE and do anything to get your devices to work normally.

support was closed when i tried to reach out to them (UK) but i am “slowly” making my way through all my devices ( not just hue) over 50 devices… and as i “update” them in the ide click device, click edit, then update. i test the smart app rules on them. and they ALL have started working again. so it seems teh Super lan connect worked but didnt update each item as it was added so they were stuck in a limbo. the update refreshes them and tehy work again.

we shouldnt, but we have had too. there wasnt even an email prior to rollout to atleast let people know whats is happening with the system! there will be people out there whoare smartthings owners who dont check this forum like some of us before trying to fix stuff… poor show smartthings. its a good job your the best of a bad bunch at this point. i have 5 smartthings motion sensors that just died over night. i use the hue sensors now, completly reliable!

Funny you say this about the motion sensor. All my ST devices the other day were stuck in active motion and I had rest each of them to get them back on the network. Also my ST multi-purpose sensor was stuck as well and that took a lot to get that back on the network without losing the configured smartapps. Support insisted that it was because I did not have a zigbee repeater device but the devices were on my systems for months with minimal issues. Also all the motion senses got stuck at the exact same time which i thought was odd.

Agreed on the poor communications.

I hate to sound this way but something is fishy.

mine just died. resets wouldnt work… and couldnt even get the reset light to come on.i just pend a small fortune replacing them with hue motion sesnors and connected them directly to smartthings instead of hue hub and they have been great! smartthings did nothing regarding the motion sensors.


Your issues sound completely unrelated to Super LAN Connect. I’m sorry you’re having trouble, but no changes were made to your motion sensors as part of this improvement. For users who didn’t take part in our beta, this is a silent update that requires no action on your part.

I’m closing this thread - feel free to create another one to further discuss the problems you’re outlining.