Super Annoying Bug

So I wanna be up front that I refused to move onto the new(er) ST mobile app. I just dont like it. So when I bought a new phone I accidentally installed new version. No big deal.

I had gone home for lunch. When my door opens during the day on a weekday I would get a ST notification and also a text message telling me the door was opened. This is how I had it set up on old ST app and on my old phone. However on this particular day I had my new phone and new ST app. I walked in and got a text message like I usually do.

I looked on the (newer) ST app and could not find a way to dismiss the front door intrusion. No big deal. I closed app and went on with my day. Since then I have been getting text messages as reminders that the front door was opened (by me at lunchtime) This got so annoying I installed the classic ST app and attempted to set it all up. However there was nothing to indicate there was a front door intrusion. I thought the ordeal was over.


I kept getting the text messages every hour. I uninstalled classic ST app and attempted to make it stop texting me thru the current ST app.


I uninstalled the current (newer) ST app and thought… now THAT should take care of it.


Despite not having any ST app on my phone, I am still getting the text messages every single hour and have no way to stop them.

SHM (smart home monitor) is separate between the new and old app. You need to reinstall the old app, and disarm SHM. If you are moving to the new app permanently… then disable SHM completely in the old app (remove sensors/triggers for alarms), and re-configure it in the new app…

Unfortunately this is working as intended. I am staying on the old app until it no longer works, because the new app is not feature complete and the fact that webcore can only interact with the old version of SHM.

Edit, you can have both versions of the app installed… I just disable alerts on the new one.


Thanks for the reply. I did install the old app and it gave me no indication that the front door was opened. It said everything is fine. I am still getting text messages 25 hours plus after the initial text message.

Do you have multiple locations? I would install the classic app and check if you have multiple locations and thus multiple instances of SHM.


Best way to check for multiple locations (and even uninstall SHM … though this may or may not be helpful!) … “My Locations” tab.


Holy crap you guys are awesome. It appears I did have multiple locations. I checked, I did and selected other “Home” and there it was. Thank you so much!


Happy to help but sorry for the confusion!

No thank you for helping me get rid of it. However, I am experiencing another issue. It wont allow me to delete the location I no longer use.

Use EDIT first to make sure it is not Default=true

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