New Samsung Smart Things app -How to Alert if Garage is open after x minutes

How can I have ST notify me if the garage contact sensor has been open for 30 minutes? Sounds simple enough, but I cannot find an “automation” for this. Apparently in the old ST app, there was a built in, “left open” app, but I can’t find something similar in this new ST app.

(another complaint - webcore is not yet compatible w/ the new ST, apparently I could have done this in webcore as well)

Best advice is to switch back to the ST Classic app. There are not as many options available in the new ST app at this point.

In the Classic app, you could create a custom rule in Smart Home Monitor. Or use webcore as you mentioned.


That’s a shame, I actually went out of my way to manually contact the ST folks and manually migrate me. I’m trying to remember why… I think I had 1 device that wouldn’t connect, and I figured, meh, might as well start fresh.

You can have both apps installed. I do. You may end up with two home locations so you have to watch out for that.

That’s what I thought, but after I re-install the old ST app, it’s asking me for my welcome code and it won’t let me go any further. ( I should have left it installed, because it did work for me at one point)

you should be bale to login to the classic app as an existing user with the same credentials you use for the new app

sweet thanks!
I kept clicking log in as existing user, apparently I had to choose new user and it recognized my existing account.

Thanks all!, I’ll give it a 2nd go w/ the various classic app methods

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