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SHM - Dismiss Intrusion Remider Text in the new app?

(Justyn) #1

Anyone know how to dismiss these reminder text messages in the NEW Smarthings App? I have looked all over and am having no luck. Worked like a charm in the old APP. Thanks!


If you set this up in the Classic app, you need to dismiss these in the Classic app. SHM is completely different between the Classic and the new app.

(Jimmy) #3

new app SHM doesn’t have a text option, so it isn’t that.

(Justyn) #4

Interesting…I thought I reset everything when I went to the new App. Guess not. Thanks for letting me know.

(Rickey Moore) #5

So can I start using the new Connect app with any reliability? Unaware that it was completely different, I had thought that I was merely having to set it up again. Heck, it took me days to find how to add phones as geo devices! So now I get reminders that I have left the house and that I should remember to arm SHM. Is there a way to change modes in Connect app when I leave home??

(jkp) #6

Geolocation can not be used to set SHM in STSC at this point.