Sunset Time Offset Bug - App Crashes



Brand new Z-Wave user here. Installed a Samsung ST hub (not 2018) this afternoon and four Honeywell plug-in outlets. Added the plug-in outlets to the network ok. Set up automation to have the lights plugged into the outlets come on 10 minutes before sunset. Every time I enter a negative offset into the time field, the app crashes. Running ST v1.6.13-161 on IOS 11.4.1, 16 GB iPad Air. If I do not enter a value in the time offset field, no error. The error message is infuriating…“Something went wrong. Please try to install the SmartApp again.” I was using the app for maybe 20 minutes and ALREADY I’m asked to re-install it?

I reinstalled, had to re-enter my credentials, and, fortunately, my device definitions and automation were still there when re-launched.

But re-installing the app did nothing to fix the problem. The same bug was there and reproducible the same way – enter a negative offset in the “Sunset offset in minutes (+/-)” field in an Automation and hit “Next.”

(jkp) #2

Install the SmartThings Classic app v. 2.16.1 (1437) and use it instead of the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app v 1.16.13-161. Then go in the Classic app and set your location for the hub.

(Jimmy) #3

Have you set your home’s geolocation under the settings for your location?


Hi, prjct92eh2. Yes, one of the very first things I did on initial setup was set my home’s geolocation. The first time I got the “Something went wrong” message. Interestingly, the time offset is showing when I review the automation, but it has no effect on when the lights come on. I have “Sunset offset in minutes (+/-)” set to -30. When I save the automation with any offset (either positive or negative) I get the “Something went wrong” error, it saves the offset, but it has no effect whatsoever.

I’ll try using the SmartThings Classic app as suggested by @jkp.


Switching to SmartThings Classic fixed it. Thanks.