Sunset Time Offset Bug - App Crashes

Brand new Z-Wave user here. Installed a Samsung ST hub (not 2018) this afternoon and four Honeywell plug-in outlets. Added the plug-in outlets to the network ok. Set up automation to have the lights plugged into the outlets come on 10 minutes before sunset. Every time I enter a negative offset into the time field, the app crashes. Running ST v1.6.13-161 on IOS 11.4.1, 16 GB iPad Air. If I do not enter a value in the time offset field, no error. The error message is infuriating…“Something went wrong. Please try to install the SmartApp again.” I was using the app for maybe 20 minutes and ALREADY I’m asked to re-install it?

I reinstalled, had to re-enter my credentials, and, fortunately, my device definitions and automation were still there when re-launched.

But re-installing the app did nothing to fix the problem. The same bug was there and reproducible the same way – enter a negative offset in the “Sunset offset in minutes (+/-)” field in an Automation and hit “Next.”

Install the SmartThings Classic app v. 2.16.1 (1437) and use it instead of the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app v 1.16.13-161. Then go in the Classic app and set your location for the hub.

Have you set your home’s geolocation under the settings for your location?

Hi, prjct92eh2. Yes, one of the very first things I did on initial setup was set my home’s geolocation. The first time I got the “Something went wrong” message. Interestingly, the time offset is showing when I review the automation, but it has no effect on when the lights come on. I have “Sunset offset in minutes (+/-)” set to -30. When I save the automation with any offset (either positive or negative) I get the “Something went wrong” error, it saves the offset, but it has no effect whatsoever.

I’ll try using the SmartThings Classic app as suggested by @jkp.

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Switching to SmartThings Classic fixed it. Thanks.