Sunset and Sunrise not working

(Rodrigo Vera) #1

Hello, I’m from Chile, I have been using SmartThings 2nd Gen from about 3 years. since about two weeks, sunset and sunrise function, on routines and smartapps are not working, I asked to ST support a few days ago, but I still haven’t an answer. Have anybody had the same problem? I tried changing location and restore again, when I logged on SmartThings account, and selected My Hubs, then Locations, there are sunset and sunrise times updated (photo attached)

(jkp) #2

Login to IDE, go to My Locations, click on Smartapps and click update in the smartweather field in the Hello Home section at the top and see if your sunrise/sunset times change to the correct times.

(Rodrigo Vera) #3

Hi, I don’t have smart weather, how could I restore that? The times shown of sunset and sunrise are correct but not working

(jkp) #4

If your times are correct and Automations are not working properly, you should report it to ST support at

Try rebooting your hub :slight_smile:

(Rodrigo Vera) #5

As described above, I have been reported yet, but with no answer from ST Team.

(Rodrigo Vera) #6

So I decided made a hard reset, it works for sunset and sunrise function but now from 2 days I’m having many delays from about 10 to 30 minutes on z wave switches, from Aeon Labs. I’m thinkig seriously leave from ST. Nether have a response from support. I already made Z-wave restore a lot of times.

(DavidK) #7


When you did the zwave repair, did you verify no errors?

I have to run zwave repair 3 or 4 times in a row to get now errors.

Zwave mesh is only optimized when zwave repair is run and no errors are generated.

(DavidK) #8


Just tried a repair in the iPhone app, the iPhone app does not seem to show the zwave repair messages.

I have to go to the web based ide, then hub, then “list events” to see zwave repair events. In this case since it is the first time I did a repair today, get failures. Will now have to run several more times until no errors.

(Rodrigo Vera) #9

I’ll try to repair tonight until no errors shown. Anybody knows what to do if there appears a device not listed on IDE. ?

(DavidK) #10


That situation frustrates me.

If what you are saying is there is a message for a device with an address but no human readable name?

I have emailed support to remove them for me.