Sudden unreliability with automations

I’ve been using SmartThings for the last couple years (v2 hub, SmartThings Classic software), happily for the most part. I’ve got a number of automations setup, all which have been working flawlessly until a week ago. Automatons based on a sunrise/sunset trigger stopped working entirely. I did get those working again, but only using a fixed time for the trigger.

However, it isn’t just sunrise/set triggers that suddenly stopped working (or working reliably). I have a switch that triggers a scene, which stopped working entirely, while other switch-triggered scenes work fine. This morning, my Good Morning automation didn’t run, which had been working fine until today. If I trigger any of these scenes/automations manually, they work every time. Looking at the logs, SmartThings just isn’t running the automations when it should; when they don’t work, there is no entry that it even tried.

Most everything still works, but it’s frustrating to go from completely reliable to much less so, without any other changes on my end. I’ve not been able to pin things down to one specific thing.

I’ve emailed support a couple days ago (no response yet) after exhausting all my ideas on how to fix. I’d like to check with you all and see if anyone else has run into this lately, or has any solutions.


You may want to login to IDE and check to see if your sunset/sunrise times are correct and if your timezone is correctly listed. If they are not correct, edit your geolocation in the ST app and change it to a location in a different time zone, save, wait one minute and change it to your correct location and save.

Thanks for the reply! I noticed in the IDE the sunrise time is populated correctly, however the sunset time is blank. Is that unusual? The timezone and coordinates are spot on. I should also note, time based triggers that are working, are dead on time-wise.

Are most of your devices Z-Wave ? If you also have Zigbee, do you see this behavior on Z-Wave devices mostly?

Try following the instructions I posted above and see if it resolves your missing sunset and other automations not running correctly.

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100% z-wave

I followed the geolocation advice, and edited the sunset automation back to a sunset trigger. I’ll see what happens soon!

Ok if its all z-wave then try this - Log into the IDE and disable the Z-wave radio, wait for 1 minute or so and then enable it back. After that power cycle your hub. I’ve seen this resolve issues with z-wave. Try it… does not hurt.

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Thanks for the great suggestions everyone. Things seem to be behaving themselves over the last day or so. I appreciate the help!