SmartThings App - Sunset Chief To Sunrise?!?!?

What in the world is going on?!? Everything worked fine this year until now. All actions using “Sunset” are changed to “Sunrise”! Changed back several times, deleted and remade the automations, rebooted my iPhone - all to no avail. So I had to set a hard time. Any suggestions?

a few users have reported the same issue. No fix yet. Do report it to ST support at

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here is the post I saw


In my experience, the rule still saves correctly, but displays wrong. Definitely report it, though.

I shall have to try an automation to see if it works with “sunset”, regardless how it shows.

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Having the same issue as well, and despite deleting and re-adding the automation, it’s not triggering no matter what it shows. Pretty annoyed, since I can’t even say when the issue started, and it was working perfectly before.

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