Sunset Automation Stopped Working

I have an automation that changes the Mode to Nighttime at Sunset (nothing else). I have another that sets the Mode to Daytime at Sunrise (nothing else). This has been working correctly for years (I have various automations that work off the mode changing from Daytime to Nighttime and vice versa). Yesterday, the Sunset automation didn’t ‘fire’. It didn’t fire again today. But, the Sunrise automation fired both days.

My hub is on firmware 000.030.00005 and the hub hasn’t been updated since May 12. I received notice of a ST incident for the 17th, but it was also noted as resolved as of 2pm EST on the 17th, so not sure that it had anything to do with a failure at around 8:20pm MT on the 17th and 18th (local sunset time).

Any ideas what might have happened or how to resolve?

i have many automation’s that are now not working as of yesterday…

just to clarify …i have lots of automation s for turning things off and then off again later… they are all turning things on as usual… but nothing seems to be turning off!! very frustrating and wasting lots of electricity!

I also am having this issue and am having a hard time getting Samsung Support to understand this is not mobile app related.

My routines have failed since the last outage for anything time based that is dependent on global variables.

Same here, I reviewed the event logs and after an outage on the 17th some, not all, of my time based automations are not firing. I deleted them and re-created them to see if that help, time will tell tonight.

When I posted my original query, I had re-saved the existing routine to set the mode to Nighttime at sunset, which saved successfully. However, yesterday, it still did not switch modes as Sunset.

I ended up restarting my Hub to see if that would help. The hub blue LED was blinking (saying it didn’t have Internet connectivity). My Internet connection was working for everything else, but that could explain why some things worked and some did not (Local vs Cloud). But since I have two routines that both do nothing but change the mode based on Sunrise and Sunset, and one was working and one was not, I’m not sure a lack of connectivity would explain that.

Unfortunately, it only fires once per day, so I have to wait 24 hours to see if any changes are successful.

No joy tonight after rebooting the hub last night. I really don’t know what to do. As you can see from my notifications, the Sunrise automation is working fine (local Sunrise at 5:32am) but the Sunset is not.

Local Sunset is around 8:30 and the notifications show Tuesday (6/16) the Sunset routine being fired automatically at Sunset, while the last four nights, it has been executed manually noted by “USER” at well after 8:30pm:

2020-06-20 9:06:29.549 PM MDT - 2 hours ago	    APP		As you requested, I changed mode from Daytime to Nighttime.		
2020-06-20 9:06:29.512 PM MDT - 2 hours ago	    USER	Sunset
2020-06-20 5:32:00.645 AM MDT - 17 hours ago	APP		As you requested, I changed mode from Nighttime to Daytime.		
2020-06-20 5:32:00.597 AM MDT - 17 hours ago	APP		Performing "Sunrise" for you at sunrise as requested
2020-06-19 10:46:43.551 PM MDT - 1 day ago	    APP		As you requested, I changed mode from Daytime to Nighttime.		
2020-06-19 10:46:43.511 PM MDT - 1 day ago	    USER	Sunset
2020-06-19 5:32:00.520 AM MDT - 2 days ago	    APP		As you requested, I changed mode from Nighttime to Daytime.		
2020-06-19 5:32:00.486 AM MDT - 2 days ago	    APP		Performing "Sunrise" for you at sunrise as requested
2020-06-18 10:28:47.120 PM MDT - 2 days ago	    APP		As you requested, I changed mode from Daytime to Nighttime.		
2020-06-18 10:28:47.025 PM MDT - 2 days ago	    USER	Sunset
2020-06-18 5:32:00.353 AM MDT - 3 days ago	    APP		As you requested, I changed mode from Sleeping to Daytime.		
2020-06-18 5:32:00.220 AM MDT - 3 days ago	    APP		Performing "Sunrise" for you at sunrise as requested
2020-06-17 10:11:14.436 PM MDT - 3 days ago	    APP		As you requested, I changed mode from Daytime to Nighttime.		
2020-06-17 10:11:14.384 PM MDT - 3 days ago	    USER	Sunset
2020-06-17 5:32:00.479 AM MDT - 4 days ago	    APP		As you requested, I changed mode from Sleeping to Daytime.		
2020-06-17 5:32:00.441 AM MDT - 4 days ago	    APP		Performing "Sunrise" for you at sunrise as requested
2020-06-16 8:28:00.321 PM MDT - 4 days ago	    APP		As you requested, I changed mode from Daytime to Nighttime.		
2020-06-16 8:28:00.286 PM MDT - 4 days ago	    APP		Performing "Sunset" for you at sunset as requested

And my Sunset / Sunrise routines are essentially identical. So how could one work and the other not?

As previously noted, I have not changed these routines in a many months and everything was working fine up thru Tuesday.

Any thoughts for next steps would be greatly appreciated…

i have found deleting and recreating the automatons etc has worked … Seems random which of my automatons stopped workign but the new ones i made seem to be ok.

still not sure i have it fixed but its better for the moment.

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I have sunset and sunrise routines to change my mode that stopped working a few days ago and will try this. Thanks.

Update: I’m actually going to first try modifying the Routines and remove the X minutes before/after option on each one to see what happens.

It’s official.

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It might be official but it’s certainly not resolved for me.

Yet another round with ST Support.

Same here automations of certain tasks no longer fire off. FW 30.00005

I am still unhappy with the fact that we as the end users have no control of the firmware update process.

Every other kind of device i own ( laptops,phones, smart devices etc) all allow me to turn off updates or at least choose when i want to install them.

As it is now, i usually have no idea when an update has occurred and only find out when it breaks a bunch of things.

Samsung should decide if Smartthings is a serious home control platform and thus take it seriously as to how it can impact people when they allow it to change firmware at a time not controlled by the operator / owner.
Smartthings should state that this home control system is only for the casual hobbyist and not recommended for use by anyone who needs to be in control or have a very reliable system.

I would like to turn off updates for my system and and only do updates when i can see they have been out for a long time , and the consequences / impacts are known and that i can choose to do it at a time when i have the time and energy to deal with any problems that arise.

I do love my smartthings setup, but to be honest the only reason i am still using it now (after all the different problems it creates with various updates and changes) is because i have been too lazy to migrate to something else that gives me more control …

I now have a shelf / folder full of alternative systems ( openhab, hubitat, home assistant) i got a brand new raspberry pi 4 B ready to go… just need a bit more pain from Smartthings and maybe i will finally take the plunge…

Can confirm. Still not fixed.

Agreed… still not fixed. Re-created automation, rebooted hub, events show that some automations just don’t fire.

Also confirmed… I deleted and recreated my automation and it didn’t help tonight.

I’m using the old app, and I don’t see these routines under Automations in the new app (so not sure where they show up in the new). I created an Automation in the new app to do the same thing (change mode at sunset). We’ll see if that helps.

Still nothing from Samsung? The incident @saosinx88 mentioned said it was resolved in an hour, so not sure that is related (or they didn’t really fix it).

I have, once again, sent the same information back to Smartthings Support, and, once again, been told this issue has been resolved. I have explained the problem, IN DETAIL, that there is an error with populating the $NextScheduledTime that is causing both the Smartthings and Webcore routines predicated on Sunset and Sunrise to fail.

This is a failure at the hub level itself, because Webcore is scheduling the events:

Ive repeatedly asked for this to be escalated to the developer team with no response, and after explaining this to support no fewer than five times already, Im starting to get frustrated.

And, yet again, sunset routines didn’t fire.

Samsung Support sucks.

I’ve explained ad nauseum to them what the issue is. This is a simple code change.

This is not my first encounter with how terrible their support is, but it will be my last. I’ll be migrating my entire setup to Hubitat tomorrow.

Same here and it stopped working since 19th. I am really new to ST and I was wondering, some mistake from my end. Now it was not the case and anyone knows, how to resolve this issue without deleting and recreating all the time.

Why is it thought that the issue is with the hub? For the most part, sunrise and sunset are independent of the hub and hub firmware. If you look at your location’s events in the IDE do you see sunrise/sunset events from the Location API like this?

For those of you having issues, are you using Smart Lighting and Routines based on sunrise/sunset? If so, is your geolocation set and is there a Weather Station SmartApp in the IDE and is it rescheduling properly? If you look at Weather Station do the Scheduled Jobs look correctly set for future for sunsetHandler and sunriseHandler and are there daily events under Job History?