Weather automations stopped working

I have noticed my automations based on temperature and weather have stopped working since the Jan 19th roughly. My sunset automations also aren’t following the correct time but stuck turning on at the same time since 19th. I am testing whether re-creating the sunset automation works.

However I’m not finding that re-creating the weather based automations work at all.

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Hello, I noticed the same problem here. I estimate the Sunset/Sunrise is stuck since Jan 15 or so. Monday, I removed the sunset condition and put it back. The Sunset was accurate the next day, but is not updating anymore since. Automation using sunset in the smart lighting app are working fine for me. I contacted the customer support for this, just before noticing your post.

I have an automation starting a fan at 7h30 in the morning. Over the weekend I decided to add the condition “temperature is less or equal than 12 deg”. But then, the automation was not being triggered anymore. For debugging, I decided to add a notification in the action and it works since.

I’d wonder if it’s tied to this change they made. I’d open ticket and report it.

That change was made many months ago. It shouldn’t be causing the problem. I’ll do some testing myself and see if I can replicate. Please keep the feedback coming as it will be helpful in zeroing in on what’s going on.

I always thought the Weather Station app was used for legacy apps only and that Automations and other ‘new’ stuff got sunrise/sunset in some other way. It would be strange if they didn’t. It seems to be Automations/Rules that are having issues for some and not legacy apps.

Out of curiosity … I seem to remember reports of Smart Lighting being region locked in the new app. If that is still the case how does Weather Station work in those regions?

I have been using automations with sunset/sunrise triggers for a long time and they have worked flawlessly until mid Jan where the sunset/sunrise time stop updating daily. I’m on stock firmware: 000.034.00011

I have been exchanging with the Smartthings support for a couple days now and it is not progressing well. But, interestingly, they made me change my home position to another time zone then back the correct position, which I did on Saturday. The sunrise/sunset time got updated to the correct time for that day, but since, the time is stuck (no daily updates). I believe also creating or updating an existing automation (like adding an action) with sunset/sunrise trigger will cause the time to be updated.

I moved all my sunset/sunrise automations to smart light which is being working perfectly for me, and kept 2 automations that send notification at sunset and sunset +20 min to monitor the issue. They are both being triggered at 17h08 and 17h28 since Saturday. In comparison, Smart lights turned on my scene at 17h11 yesterday, which is the correct sunset time for my location.

Same issue here, so glad it’s not just me.

I’ve just moved my automations to Smart Lighting, fingers crossed they trigger correctly tomorrow.