What happened to Sunset?

I had a routine to switch on some lights at Sunset.
Then yesterday they didn’t come on.
The Samsung power outlet was working fine and I was able to switch them on manually.
Today the same happened.
So I changed the routine so they would come on at a certain time (several minutes after sunset), and they did switch on correctly.

But any ideas why sunset won’t work any more?

Try deleting and recreating the routine. I personally haven’t run into any issues. Can you also check if the sunset time on your hub is showing correctly?

I had a problem with Smart Lightning automatons that used Sunrise/Sunset triggers. Refreshing them would not solve the issue. Support advised me to delete and re-create them from scratch, which I did and it appears to be working for now. I’m not very pleased, to say the least, since this is not the first time I have to wipe out and re-create my automations.

Thanks for the replies.
I had changed to come on at a certain time and that is fine for now.
It’s just the outside Christmas lights, and they will be coming down next week.

Merry Christmas.

My sunset routine didn’t work a couple times last week.

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