Sunrise//sunset not working

Using Smart Lightning smart app in the SmartThings IOS app 1.5.39 and the Sunrise/Sunset triggers are not working. They are supposed to turn a plug on/off.

Have checked location and it is set correctly
It will also send me an alert at sunrise and sunset, if I create a custom routine so the time zone appears to be correct

Any ideas?

Login to IDE at

  • go to Locations
  • click on Smartapps in that section
  • do you see “Hello Home” as the first section at the top of that page?

Yes. Says time zone LONDON/Europe

I believe you are looking in the wrong place.

This is what you are looking for…

I have logged into my IDE hundreds of times and have never seen it look like that.

From the menu, choose Locations. You will see your Home Location listed. Under installed Smartapps, click on Smartapps

Yes, you are missing the Hello Home section which could cause the issue you described earlier. You should contact ST support and request they reinstall that for you.

I’ll tag @Brad_ST but no telling when he might be able to restore it for you so go ahead and contact ST support :slight_smile:

This is what I see.

Looks nothing like yours. Interesting

:slight_smile: contact ST and report you are missing the Hello Home section and ask them to reinstall it in your Smartapps. They should understand and install it for you.

Thanks. In the “report problem” part of the app ?

Oh wait! I did not realize I was chatting with two users in this thread so I was getting confused. My bad! :slight_smile:

@Its2loud your image is showing you are in a different section. Follow the instructions I posted above. You are going to Smartapps from the menu. You need to go to Locations > SmartApps in the Home Location listing.


Use the app Or click on support at the top of this forum and you will find an email where you can send your support request. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Really appreciate your help

Ahhh, I missed that. Thanks. I never even noticed that before.

You should be all set now.

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