Sunrise/Sunset triggers not working

Might have inadvertently deleted something (I’ve seen mention of Hello Home elsewhere) some while ago, but my sunrise/sunset triggers don’t work.

Any ideas?

Did this just start yesterday? Because the platform was broken. :disappointed_relieved:

ST Cloud Offline? (28 July 2022)

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Thanks, but no. End of 2020. Only just got around to looking at it!!

If the problem is with legacy apps you need to be running Smart Lighting and that needs to have started the Weather Station app. This was something Hello Home used to do it until it was withdrawn.

For the current platform there shouldn’t be much to break. As long as your Location has a defined geolocation it should work.


Thanks for the pointers.

I want to turn some lights on/off at sunset/sunrise respectively. I was running the Sunrise/Susnet app.

Where/how do I run Smart Lighting? I can’t find it anywhere… From the name it sounds like it should do what I want…

Or do you mean the Smart Nightlight app from the code templates?

PS. Looking in the smartthings dashboard for my location (which is set correctly according to lat/long measurements, I have just checked) the sunrise/sunset times are way out (8am-4pm when it is actually 5:30am-9pm)

are these with existing Routines or new Routines? can you post screenshots of them and black any personal info before posting.

which smartapp was this?

If you wish to use it, go to Automations and tap on the + (plus) in the upper right of the screen, tap on Add Routine, tap on the Discover tab near the top, scroll down to find Smart Lighting (if it is available in your region).

Please note: Smart Lighting is a legacy app. Like webcore and IDE, all will cease to function when ST finishes the migration to Edge so any use will be short term at this point.

Also, installing Smart Lighting will not resolve the incorrect time you see in IDE or with Routines.

I would recommend not using “from template” at this point. It would only be short term at this point as noted above.

by dashboard, are you referring to IDE or the ST app. The ST app is where you would look or the Beta Dashboard ( where you tap on the 3 dots in the upper right and tap Manage location. On the Favorites screen, tap on the Home icon in the upper left of the screen, tap Manage location and tap on your location.

But it would help if we could see the Routines you are using sunrise/sunset so we can see what you are doing.


Thanks. The sunrise/sunset app is from the “dashboard” I use here: The Sunrise/Sunset is one of the templates in that API. I will ditch that now I have found the Smart Lighting app.

Interestingly, it now shows the correct sunrise/sunset times in the dashboard (

I haven’t done much since I first set the system up and have decided I wantg to get back into automation as I approach retirement. I’m fairly knowledgeable (background in h/w and have spent the last 30 years in low-level software and the last two writing websites in Python using Django as a framework) but with all these things, you need to learn the system architecture and terminology before becoming proficient.

I’ve found the Smart Lighting app and set it to do what I think I want it to do. Let’s see what happens overnight…

Given this is soon to be legacy, I think I need to start by reading the developer stuff before asking more questions…