Sunset, sunrise settings

(George P.) #1

Hi All, just starting out with my whole automation and I have tried a few different scenarios within the smartapps to get my outside lights to turn on at sunset and on at sunrise. It never works. If I try a new smartapp and put in an actual time to turn on and time to turn off it works as scheduled. I have also tried setting up a sunset to sunrise smartapp for some motion detectors but they too failed but work with a set times? Anyone have any ideas as to why this would be happening?

(Mark) #2

It sounds like your hub doesn’t know where it is. No location = no sunset or sunrise time. If you set a location in the mobile app, you could email support to ask them if that’s the problem and whether they can fix your hub’s location.


Hi @geopac20, welcome to ST and the Community!

Are you using ST’s Smart Lighting smartapp?

(George P.) #4

Thanks for the welcome. Yes that is the one I am using.

(Dale C) #5

totally agree with this. I have been using this from day one for my outside house security lighting and never have an issue. It has been the most reliable automation for me thus far. So if you are having issues definitely verify location settings like @marktheknife suggests and if that is right just get on chat with tech support.


Well that’s odd… Of all my smartapps I use, that’s been one of the best, including turning on/off my outside lights at sunset/sunrise.

You could have an issue with your hub not knowing it’s location, but before we go that route let’s check your settings for Smart Lighting. Here’s what mine look like:

It’s about as simple as it gets. Does yours look like that? If not, can you set yours up like mine to see what happens? If it is like that already, then it might be time to email support.

(George P.) #7

Thanks John, I did submit it in to support today and they checked my settings and said they corrected the issue for me. Will find our shortly.