Sunrise/Sunset times switched around

Has any one noticed that the Sunrise and Sunset times in the Hub are swapped around?

Sunrise shows the sunset time and Sunset shows the sunrise time.

Not for me.

Sunrise 8:17 AM
Sunset 5:05 PM

My hub looks OK:


and you are certain those are correct times for the Eastern time Zone? :wink:

Ha! No…


Wow, i never paid attention to that until you mentioned it. But hey, they’re at least not flipped around (yet)…

Hi @johnconstantelo

That information from the IDE is not used for the routines.

That information was updated with the weather app that was inside the groovy smart Lighting app.
When that app disappears, it is no longer updated.


Install @Mariano_Colmenarejo virtual calendar to view the sunrise and sunset from within your app.

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You can see clicking in favorites weather

doesn’t for me. It opens the weather channel app which takes forever to load or doesn’t open 50 percent of the time… rather stick with your vcalendar which opens faster. choice is good!


This is what my Hub shows but in actual fact
Timezone Australia/Brisbane
Sunrise is 5:08 AM
Sunset is 6:55 PM

Seems like the values are swapped around for my time zone.

Does any one know if these values are used for conditions in automation?

Seems like my at sunset automations are runing an hr early.

the sunset/sunrise that are seen in IDE are not used anymore. In all likelyhood, those times shown are incorrect.

I contacted SmartThings support. They acknowledged the issue and said they will escalate but so far no further feedback.

The sunrise/sunset values may be only visible in the IDE but they are also used in automations. In my case the surise automations seem to be fine but the sunset are off.

Will see if it gets fixed.