Sunrise and Sunset Times are not correct

I’m from Ireland and our timezone is GMT. Since the clocks moved back an hour on Sunday 28th October all my Sunrise and Sunset rules are not taking place as expected. On reviewing my hub I noticed that it has

Sunrise as 09.35 and Sunset as 18:43

however reality is

Sunrise is 07.35 and Sunset is 16:42

To check your own hub, log into the IDE, click on My Locations and then Home. Setting are under the 4th heading called weather. I have also cross referenced my Geo Co-Ordinates and Time Zone and they are both correct.

Is this just my hub or are others seeing the same issue!!

Sunrise & Sunset times used to be set by a hidden SmartApp or some other special Location Object Event.

That was changed a long time ago, but - well - I’m confused as to the most current situation. I think some SmartApps still use the old API.

The App however should be correct.

Try changing your geographic location (address) of your Hub in the App to something radically wrong, and change it back. That might force it to reset. Perhaps kill the App in between the two steps.

@tgauchat well that was an interesting test. I moved to Moscow saved, killed the app and refreshed my IDE, the information now displayed showed changed…I didn’t bother to overly check if it was right.

I reopened the killed app, reconfigured my location saved it and refreshed the IDE the Sunrise and Sunset updated to something worse :frowning: it now reads

Sunrise as 04:48 and Sunset as 13:39

So i decided to move to london and this time nothing changed. Repeat again and moved to Warsaw and it updated again to

Sunrise as 08:04 and Sunset as 17:24 which at least according to is wrong and should be

Sunrise as 06:42 and Sunset as 15:57

Something is most definitely not adding up.

But prior to the clock change I had no issues with my Sunrise and Sunset automations in terms of they took place at the appropriate times.

So based on your above assessment, maybe the logic for Sunrise and Sunset is no longer based on the location part of the app and from elsewhere and as such, some apps use one location parameters and other apps use the alternative location parameters.

Either way its either very confusing or just plain wrong :frowning:

Edit…I just moved back home from Warsaw (pretty tired now with all this travelling :slight_smile: ) and a new set of times are now displayed as

Sunrise as 07:04 and Sunset as 16:24

At least its the most accurate set so far :slight_smile:

Login to the IDE and see what the SmartThings Cloud has for your Location under “My Locations”

Check the Event Log (as well as running Live Logging) when you change your Location.

i.e., if you feel like exploring this issue, there’s lots of fun places to look.

Well Live Logging is showing Device names below as

LocalSunrise 16:44
LocalSunset 07:33

but they may be the properties of my weather tile Smart-app installed (not sure) - but at lest something is right :slight_smile:

@tgauchat Oh bloody hell…i just went back into Home and its now displaying as

Sunrise as 09:35 and Sunset as 18:43

which is what I started with.

Looking into this. The API for sunrise/sunset seems to be returning the correct values. I’ll update this thread when I found out more.

In my testing, moving the geofence one time zone over will change the sunrise/sunset by an hour without actually updating the sunrise/sunset time.


Here in Amsterdam my time zone is Europe/Amsterdam and the Sunrise 7:48 & Sunset 17:01 correct.

In the SmartApp Smart Lights you can program an offset. I have sunset -45, 45 earlier lights on, before it is completely dark the lights go on.

You can use this as a workaround?

Grtn Ben

Sorry for the delay but this is resolved. There was a bug regarding the offset for certain timezones, specifically “Europe/Dublin”, and this has been addressed.