Sunrise & Sunset Values on Hub are worng

Sent a email to support but thought I would reach out to the community. My times on my hub show as, sunrise 6:59am and sunset at 5:36pm which is wrong. Correct times for today should be according to WeatherUnderground are sunrise at 5:47am and sunset at 8:11pm for my location.

Have not been using ST for sometime because I have been too frustrated with the instability of the platform. Guess things have not changed all that much in the several months that I have been gone. Hoping that someone can point me in the right direction here. Thanks!

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Something to try while you wait for support

in IDE

goto my locations -> your location

  • check what it says for sunrise/sunset

if wrong then continue

my locations -> your location -> list smartapps - click on update next to weather station

(or click on weather station first, and see status of scheduled jobs and job history before hitting update)

This built-in smart app is suppose to update that stuff…


Thank you very much that solved the issue. My times now appear to be correct after the update you described. Why does this happen?

Sounds like a platform issue either on scheduling or execution of a schedule.

Seems like it happened a while back given how far off your sunrise times were - seems like a month + ago

That weather station app still uses “runIn()” so it’s prone to failure. We are working on updating it to use schedule instead so the schedule can be rebooted by our watchdog.