Incorrect sunrise sunset times

Nayelyz i have just noticed in the IDE my hubs location is correct but sunset sunrise times are way off, is there a reason, issue or cause for concern

Hub v2
Fw 43.04

Hub screenshot

Google result

In IDE if you do not have smart lighting installed with weather station, sunrise and sunset are not updated, but I have seen that it does not affect the operation of the routines.


Thank you Mariano, both smart lighting and weather got removed long ago but good to know the times shown in the IDE are irrelevant now

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Hi, @fido.
In this case, we can only confirm if the values are correct based on the execution of Routines with time conditions (based on sunset, sunrise, etc.).
I don’t have info about that data in the IDE, but it makes sense it isn’t updated correctly as @Mariano_Colmenarejo mentioned.

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