Sunrise/Sunset Setting Not Working

The Weather Station SmartApp is installed and functioning.

What kind of automation is this? Smart Lighting? Custom automation? WebCoRE?

Hi guys, thanks for the replies.

@Brad_ST it was a simple automation created in the app to change location modes based on period and phone presence

I’ve discovered in the meantime that the issue was in fact not related to sunset or sunrise, but to the way that period and presence work in automations.

more specifically, when you set a period and a presence condition, the engine only takes into account arrivals and departures, not actual presence.

so for example if I am already at home during the period specified, nothing will happen because I did not arive or left during the period.

more details can be found in the below topic


I tryed two ways.

Way 1: smartthing app
-If, Sunset, every day - Ring dorrbell motion detected

  • Then, Hallway light is on Dimmer 25, Turn off after 1 min.
    Does not work at all.

Way 2: Webcore.

  • If, Ring doorbell motion detec is active.
  • Then, With, Hallway light
  • Do turn ON.
    Dosent work at all.

How ever If I use Smartthings app without set sunset or sunrise, only sens motion and turn on light it is OK and working. So I know the bulb is ok. Motion is detected by Ring door bell. Problem is If i want to setup sunset or sunrise.

I read a lot about but for some reason does not work.

Another little info. Smartthings Classic app - Automation - SmártApps, SmartThings Home monitor. Message if I click on it: Something’s Wrong We can not load your screen right now. RETRY.

Way #1 - are you using if sunset or if sunset - sunrise?

Way #2 instead of motion is active use motion changes to active

I’m having the same issue, and I am not a developer. When I go into automation menu, there are no sunrise or sunset options at all. How do I fix?

Hi @Brad_ST ,

I’m also missing the Hello-Home App and the Weather Station-App, but in my case they were never created (I am using the new app).

Could you please install these two apps for me? Sunset/Sunrise is not working at all.


Hi @Brad_ST

I’m also encountering sunset /sunrise logic issues. Running a v3 hub and both the new and classic app, but don’t see the home and weather apps mentioned above. Perhaps you could assist me in obtaining those?

@b0nez84, please report it to support.

Hello Home and Sunrise/Sunset

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