New User - Sunrise and Sunset not working

Hello all. I recently bought a SmartThings Hub v3 and I have setup have a smartapps/SmartLighting setup so that when I have a motion from my ring it turns on two lights and after 30 minutes shuts the lights off. It is working fine except I only want it to happen at night. So I added the “more options” to only do it during times sunset to sunrise. However the lights will come on day or night. I have been looking around the forums and read about this issue and possible resolutions. Such as the classic smartthings app and the Hello Home and Weather Station but I can’t find those options anywhere. When I go to the website and look at my Home location I see the correct timezone but no sunrise and sunset info. I read the @Brad_ST has helped a few people. Hopefully he will see this note or others can tell me what to do.


I added Hello Home for you. If others see this though, please reach out to support so the issue can be properly tracked and addressed at scale.

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