Sunrise-Sunset and Calendar functions for edge

With the driver version 2022-06-14T21:16:25.730842323 in settings the UTC offset is 0~0 and will not save a value

and in the details view in the UTC offset, the - is missing from the keyboard but can be copy and paste


It must be an app error.
For me on Android the keyboard is correct to enter the sign -

In preferences it is the informative field of the version, it does not admit any data

I would have to add entries to choose date1 MMDD and date2 MMDD.

It could also be useful to have 2 day of the month entries to be able to automate day ranges without taking month and year into account.

i will add it


It does not let you choose another type of keyboard in settings?

It does not

New version of the Virtual Calendar Mc driver.

At the request @jkp, of I have added 5 new capabailities to be able to automate more cases of time periods:

  • Local Hour Two: To be able to automate periods of time in which this comparison activates the automation.
  • Local Day Two: To be able to automate periods of days without taking into account month and year
  • Local Month Two: To be able to automate periods of complete months without taking into account the year
  • Local Month Day One and Local Month Day Two (MMDD): To be able to automate periods of months with specific start and end days without taking into account the year.

The update will be automatic, but be attentive because I see on one occasion when updating the entered value of the offset of the Local time with respect to UTC was lost and it would have to be re-entered as soon as possible, since it calculates everything with the UTC time and the automations made would return crazy

I do it automatically because I have repeated the update process several times and the problem has not happened again, although I have communicated it to smartthing. If this happens to anyone please let me know.

UPDATE: this is correct version

Virtual Calendar Mc                    

I updated the driver and I lost offset of local time to UTC

Also updated driver’s version is different
Driver version

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Would it be possible to show time as 12-hour instead of 24-hour/military format?

He re-published the version, I don’t know why sometimes it doesn’t publish well

Virtual Calendar Mc

For the automations to make comparisons, the emitted value must be a numerical value that can be ordered from highest to lowest, for date and time.
The time in the form am, pm is a string and would not show the comparison option => or =<

Makes sense, thanks!

I updated driver again using CLI and now driver version is

Thank you!

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I expected this Edge Calendar device would have local execution compared to the native Time settings for Routines, but I’m not seeing the local execution ICON on my Routines when using above our below calculations. Does it execute local even though there is no local ICON, or is this still a SmartThings limitation?

All >= or <= comparisons continue to run in the cloud.

Hopefully this will change at some point by surprise! :grinning:

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I am noticing that when I use sunset or sunrise with offset matches 0 min my automations are not running.
Am I using this wrong?
I know I can change it to equal or above but then it doesn’t run local.

Hi @Terri_Baker

I tried a simple routine, turning on a switch with sunset offset = 0 and it worked fine.

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of how you wrote this rule please?

I have it done like this.
In Spain, the winter time is changed on the last Sunday of October, at 3 a.m. it happens to be 2 a.m. (+1 hour UTC)

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I do pretty much the same as @Mariano_Colmenarejo , except I added notification, just a reminder to setup next time change


Great Job (again) !!!
I was looking for this because I use Webcore for most of my automations, and I new to use the “Month” option, for example… And I think that Webcore will die :frowning:

One other thing I need is to access my Google Calendars to make automations.
For example, I have a Portugal holidays calendar. Depending if it’s a holiday or not, my automations will work accordingly, using virtual devices.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo Is there any chance for you to make a driver that can read Google Calendar events??

This is what I use: GitHub - infofiend/GCal-Search: Re-Release of mnestor's G-Cal Search App
Forum: [UPDATED 3/27/18] GCal Search