Sunrise+Offset rule not updating timing

I have a Rule that should run every day at 31 minutes past Sunrise. The other day I happened to see the History had shown it activated at 5:20am. Realising that was way too early I updated the Rule at the weekend. It now seems to be running every day at 6:48am instead of updating.

We had this sort of thing happening with Automations in February and I seem to remember it was resolved and that the time should update every day (in the past it used to update every few days).

Anyone else seeing Sunrise/Sunset issues like this with Rules?

@orangebucket Thanks for sharing this out!

I’ll mimic the automation flow you describe to keep an eye on it closely.

I have 2 automations, one is activated at sunset and the other at sunset-30 minutes and the time is updated every day and they work well.
In Europe, UTC + 2 time zone

Hey, @orangebucket

I just wanted to catch up on this issue.

I’ve documented the inconsistent behavior with the conditional references (Sunset, Sunrise, Noon, etc.) as some of them were working fine on my side (specially the Noon reference), but others were just random.

So, as soon as I have an update, I’ll share an update below.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo are these rule-based automations or these were created directly at the app?

Automations were created directly at app

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Thanks. As far as I can see, using an offset from one of the time references is the only way to define a specific time. Noon certainly seems OK, but then I’m not sure if I’ve encountered a daylight savings time change with it yet and so it hasn’t needed to change. The actual time used for Sunrise and an offset is correct when first saved but just doesn’t update for me.


Just wanted to note that this is an ongoing issue, sunrise isn’t updating in Rules.

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Thanks for letting me know. I’ll push a bit the report for this issue.