Suggestions for smoke alarm in Ireland/Europe?

My current dumb smoke alarm has given up so I need to replace it and thought I may as well look to bring some smart tech to this part of the house. I’m in Ireland and the existing alarms are hard-wired with battery backup so that’s an option. Looking at the app, it is showing compatible devices from Fibaro, First Alert, Ozom, POPP and Spruce FireAngel.

Has anyone in Europe experience of any of these models? The list looks fairly dated cos I’ve struggled to even find the compatible devices from First Alert, Ozom or Spruce FireAngel. I like the idea of mains power but its not a deal-breaker. Thoughts would be appreciated.

I currently use Nest Protect and I was fortunate enough to add them before Google killed off the ‘Works with Nest’ method. I was even more fortunate not to have upgraded my Nest account to a Google account so it still works with my Smartthings setup.

This will not unfortunately help you although there are faint indications of a future official solution. (There is an unofficial third-party solution available but it requires paying for which might be fair enough but I would also worry about the method it is using being killed of by Google.)

Fibaro would be a fairly straight forward option, First Alert however might be a bad idea. The First Alert brand is really a US only brand. Ozom also looks like a US only brand although I found it difficult to find official information. Popp like Fibaro is a fairly generic Z-Wave product and so also should be fairly straight forward.

The Spruce FireAngel range is more complicated. Right now the FireAngel Pro would not work with Smartthings, however it is a product myself and others have been looking at and/or speaking to and the noises coming from them sound promising. Unlike most products except Nest Protect it also links multiple smoke detectors together so they will all go off together if there is a fire. FireAngel also do a version which acts as an individual smoke alarm and they do a version of that with either an add-on Zigbee or Z-Wave module and in theory these could be connected to Smartthings. I and others are waiting on the Pro hub based range though. For your benefit their website is as follows.

For completeness I will mention the Netatmo Smoke Alarm and the Eve Home Smoke Alarm. Both are HomeKit devices, both are battery only. In theory it is possible to link them to Smartthings via a complex route involving first linking them to Home Assistant and then sharing them to Smartthings.

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Have you checked out the Heatit Z-Smoke? It’s a mains 230v powered smoke detector with a built in temperature sensor and a Siren amongst other feature. Check it out here:

[RELEASE] Heatit Z-Smoke Smoke Detector Alarm device handler (Official)

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Thanks @jelockwood, great info there.

Thanks also @RBoy, I’ll have a look at that as an option as well.

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