Best Smoke Sensor for UK?

What is the best smoke dictator for the UK that works with SmartThings - I know the Nest devices work but they’re very expensive. Are their any alternatives?

They only work if you had a nest developer account set up before August 31, 2019 and had them connected to ST. After that date, you are out of luck in regards to connecting them to ST. :slight_smile:

Are you looking for this?
Or this?


The Fibaro Smoke Sensor is the only one with an official SmartThings integration. It’s a good zwave device and popular in the U.K. (Note that there is no US version.)

There are several other zwave smoke sensors made for the U.K., including Heiman, Popp, Vision, and , but I’ve only seen integrations for the Heiman, and I don’t know how well they work.

For something as important as fire safety, I’d stick with official integrations. Or get a good one like Nest and don’t integrate it with ST for any essential functions. JMO

You could also look at Spruce FireAngel smoke alarms, they work in SmartThings

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Hadn’t seen that one, thanks! :sunglasses:

Many thanks for the heads up about Sprue FireAngel. I am in the UK like presumably you. With Google messing about with Nest this maybe a worthy alternative.

I see that they not only offer Z-Wave options but also Zigbee and an even bigger bonus they have mains powered versions as well although it is not clear their mains powered version supports these modules. I suspect they may only offer a European Z-Wave option since they are a UK company.

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