Recommended smoke alarm, siren & carbon monoxide device in UK

Hi I’ve just started with ST - great platform, although I’m struggling a bit to work out which smoke alarm / siren device to buy in the UK.

Ideally I’d like to avoid having to buy separate siren, smoke and CO1 detectors for security and smoke detection purposes.

Can anyone recommend a device that I could use for both smoke and CO1 detection but also use the siren for when multi sensors are triggered? Maybe a NEST is best?

There is not a way to trigger the siren on nest protect from SmartThings

I have NEST Protects but you only really get the basic state out of them for Smoke, CO2 and Battery. There isn’t any control back to them. This seems to be true for other smoke detector manufacturers as well

The Fibaro smoke alarm works with SmartThings but the DeviceType doesn’t seem to allow control of the siren and doesn’t have CO2 from what I can see. Most integrations are based around other things happening when the primary function fires, seems to me there is a gap in the market for more open devices.

I did some research I can’t find a great integration smoke and security solution. However there is some debate whether you should rely on SmartThings for Security given the cloud nature of the platform currently.


This is exactly what I’m trying to do: I want a sensor that can also be used as an alarm sounder for other events. So basically the alarm can be triggered by SmartThings. Has anyone found anything like this yet?

Also, does anyone know of a custom device type that could be used with the Fibaro sensor that might allow the siren to be triggered?


I don’t suppose anyone has gotten to the bottom of this have they?

I have an old fire alarm panel that has developed a fault. I’d quite like to rip it out and replace it with Fibaro (or something else). I’d like to be able to trigger all the sirens in the event of a detection as well as trigger some other actions.

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