Suggestions for controlling a 60 amp pool heat pump from ST?

Looking for compatible hardware. I am willing to do electrical or plumbing work

You need to get an electrician who knows what they’re doing, but you can do this with two separate devices.

First, you get a dumb “contactor” which is just an on/off relay that is spec’d to handle your 60 amp load. This relay will typically plug-in to 120 V.

Then you just plug it into any standard Z wave outlet which meets code for the area where you are plugging it in. (You will probably need it to be outside of the splash zone of your pool, but check with your local jurisdiction). you can even use a pocket socket if it matches the specs.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. you use zwave to control the outlet, and when the contactor has power it turns on your 60 amp circuit.

See the following discussion:

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Dumb contactor is something I had considered. Was looking for more of an all in one package.

I don’t know of anything compatible with smartthings that goes higher than 40 A.

How do you control it now? It should have a low voltage Start/Stop circuit in which case that’s what you have to control

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I have to buy a heater yet. But the last heater I had was controlled by the water flow rate coming from the pump.

If you select one which is 40 A or lower, then you will have some Z wave options.

I installed ST for a friend with a Villa in Spain. one of the ‘to do’ projects is to automate his pool heat pump. I plan to do that by switching the low current from an external timer. The Pool heater is a Jandy and has an internal contractor so I don’t need to worry about switching 60A . Maybe you could do the same?

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Does this mean going into the device control panel? Warranty issues?

Not at all. In my case there were two connections in addition to the main power for the heap ump. One that comes from an external timer an one the goes back to the pool pump. I plan to add the ST relay to the external timer connection input.