Smarthings switch that can replace X10 XPS2 220v Double-pole switch?

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My pool pump was setup with X10 using and XPS2 double-pole switch. I don’t have any X10 controllers anymore and the XPS2 switch as finally failed. So I need to find the correct Smartthings compatible switch that can replace this.

Here is info on the XPS2 switch:

Specs on the pump: 1hp, single speed, 115/230v 16/8A. As best as I can tell, it is wired as 230v.

Any ideas on what would be a compatible switch? Would this work?

Enerwave ZWN-RSM2 Z-Wave Smart Dual Relay Switch Module Control 2 Loads


rule of thumb is that motors (during startup) have locked-rotor-amps (LRA) about 6 times the nominal run-load-amps (RLA). A well-documented switch or relay will have a motor rating in HP, but I did not find a motor rating for the Enerwave relay.

It would “probably work ok” with a shortened lifetime. Your pump pulls about 3amps at 230V. I don’t think this installed relay could meet NEC code requirements.

If installing a relay then you will also need a seperate 20amp switch to disconnect within sight of your pump.

I’m too tired to look up details at the moment, but there’s at least one smartenIT relay on the official " works with" list and they make a lot of models for pool pumps and other higher load circuits. You might see if they have something appropriate.

Thanks for this information.

Currently the XPS2 switch along with dedicated 20A breakers are in a outdoor box close to the pool, and right next to the pump and I have room to add relay modules as well as a dedicated 20A switch.

I am a bit concerned that the Enerwave relay wouldn’t meet code.

Are there any suggestions on how to do this so that it does meet code?

Thanks again!

I came across this device. Could this be used in the application I need?

GoControl Z-Wave Isolated Contact Fixture Module - FS20Z-1

Power: 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Signal: (Frequency): 908.42 MHz

Maximum Load:
Isolated Contacts: 20 amps G.P. maximum,277 VAC, 10FLA, 60LRA, 250VAC,
Motor: 1 H.P. maximum, 120/240 VAC

Incandescent: TV8 (Tungsten), 120 VAC, 960W maximum

Range: Up to 100 feet line of sight between the Wireless Controller and /or the closest Z-Wave Receiver Module

that relay seems appropriate. Beware the diagram says you need 120v to power the relay.

If the dedicated breaker is in sight of the pump then it may be acceptable as the disconnect (switch). I don’t have to spec this stuff, so I don’t know if the handle has to be exposed - but that’s how I’ve always seen disconnects installed, exposed.

This is a small motor so it may seem like overkill, but you sorta have to imagine the relay contacts welding, then how do you stop the pump, within sight? That’s what the disconnect is for.