Looking for relay to handle 20 amp/2.5HP motor

I have been looking for a relay that will handle 120 volt / 20 amp to control a two and a half horsepower motor. The plan is to connect a dust collector, air filter/fan, lights and garage door in my woodworking shop and control them with a minimote.

You won’t find a zwave/ZigBee device suitable for driving that load directly.
So use whatever device you want on the ST side, then get a 120v contactor (relay) sufficiently sized for your motor.
The ST device turns on the relay, the relay turns on the motor.

Intermatic CA3750 can handle 20A. They’re out of stock currently on Amazon though.

Would this work ? Supposed to handle up to 40 Amps

Thanks for the info! I’ll have to do a bit of research but it looks like the Intermatic CA3750 should do the trick. It looks like it will handle two separate loads as well which gets me thinking about tying the air compressor into the mix. The Aeon Labs device looks like it’s for EU standards. I’ll have to see if they make a US version. Thanks again for the help.

You can use the standard relay with a contact switch :-). The LM relay from Zwave works fine… then just use a contact relay for the high voltage or even the high amps. Much cheaper than buy prebuilt systems above.

I originally was looking into this for my water heater. So I spent about 15 hours doing research on how to do this.