ELK 9200 Heavy Duty Relay/Contactor

(Bill) #1

Has anyone tried using the ELK 9200 Heavy Duty Relay/Contactor to control an Electric Hot Water heater. I was looking at the Intermatic CA3750, but since they don’t seem to have that on their website any longer I was looking for something that was still supported.

Suggestions for controlling a 60 amp pool heat pump from ST?
(Mike Maxwell) #2

Hmmm, you could get any number of standard zwave switches and have that output control a standard contactor.

or whatever contactor makes sense for your use case, I just guessed at this one.

(Bill) #3

Thanks Mike - agree. The nice thing about the ELK is that it comes in a lockable box. But I’m sure I could do the same thing.

(Daniel C) #4

Okay… I just mounted this in my garage in Florida to control my water heater in Minnesota. Here is what you need to know about this model:

It is JUST a relay. You plug it in and it trips the relay so you have power to your source (water heater in my case). You unplug it and your source is de-energized.

The only way this is z-wave controlled is when it is plugged into a z-wave outlet.


I have mine controlled with a basic Leviton Z wave outlet controller.