Suggestion for Device to control Waterfall for Pool

I am looking for a Z-Wave device that will work with SmartThings and be able to control my Waterfalls for my Pool.

The Waterfalls are connected to a 40-amp Circuit breaker which powers an outlet that is used by a 2 HP Pump. Also there is no Neutral.

I was hoping to use the GE Smart Switch (12727) but it indicates a maximum of 1/2 HP Motor and 15A.

Does anyone have any suggestions for either a Z-wave Switch or an Outlet that can be used. I’m not looking to spend a lot of money or replace the panel.


I haven’t used it, but this might work.

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you beat me to it! I was just about to link this! The only thing about this, I believe, is that it DOES require a neutral. :S

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Yeah, didn’t catch that part. I don’t think you’ll find one that doesn’t require a neutral.

For reference here’s the product manual.

with power being so high, it’s pretty rare not to find something that doesn’t require a neutral.

That said, Leviton branded stuff generally doesn’t need a neutral, so perhaps there may be an equivalent product of that.

I don’t think you will find anything for 40 amps - need to fab a relay and use ST to operate the relay.

Shouldn’t that have a GFCI in there somewhere?

I think you mean that doesn’t require a neutral? did you look at the specs of the Aeon product? it specifically said rated to 40 amps.

This would depend on where he’s installing it and his local building codes.

GFCI would be required by any US code for, wet location (inside or out) , or outdoor location - OP did state receptacle as well.

He stated receptacle or switch, either way the only device that I know of that comes close is the one posted.

Depending on the specific situation and local codes there sometimes ways around this I.E. you could place the gfci upstream, or use a gfci breaker.


Looks like Jasco makes a Similar hardwired device

Edited link because the zwave product one’s linked manual didn’t look correct to me

The Jasco has a better operating temperature range if it goes outside. It also includes a manual switch.

It is probably in the circuit breaker:

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Thanks for all the responses.

I’m not too electrical savvy but I believe the GFI is built into the breaker (it has a “Test” button).
Edit - I believe that post above shows the correct breaker - but no Neutral is being used - Thanks.

It looks like I’m going to have go with a more advanced solution. I came across the below items. I believe these will do what I want. Any thoughts? Anyone know if the Intermatic works with SmartThings? The ELK option would require a z-wave outlet and a weatherproof box.

(I’m not allowed to add a post with 2 links so I had to remove the first “h” (http) from the above link).

The Aeotec product is going to be more useful and streamlined/less hacky. You could ‘build’ the elk product yourself for $20 in parts, fyi. It’s just a contactor and a case.