220v 30a 2 pole smart switch?

I just ordered my hub and one of the things I want to do is a cheap mans remote on/off for my pool pumps. I don’t have the stomach to buy one of the remote controllers right now for it. My pumps are wired into an on/off 2 pole switch that allows me to override the timers altogether. I was wondering if there is a switch available that I can replace it with and control via a SmartThings hub.


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I think your only option at the moment is to use a 30a contactor.
with something like the fibaro relay fgs-212 to switch the contactor.

I’m UK though. so not sure if there might be something available locally, If there is I would guess it would cost more than the above.

Thanks. I will consider that.~60 bucks sure beats 800 right now…

This as well .

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Another option… http://smile.amazon.com/Electric-Controller-Automation-Control-Leviton/dp/B019WTM3RM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1461522907&sr=8-1&keywords=Z-wave+240v

And maybe even better…

yes, thanks. that looks like a great option.

SmartenIT makes a 30A double zigbee relay primarily used for exactly this purpose: pool and pond equipment.

Approved for indoor or outdoor installations (NEMA 4X enclosure)

This device is also rated for more severe conditions than the Aeon. In particular, the smartenIt is rated up to 50°C where the Aeon is only rated up to 40. Probably wouldn’t matter in most of California, but might in Arizona.

The smartenIT is also rated down to -13°C, while the Aeon is only rated down to 5°C. So again, depends on where you’re going to install it and how cold it gets.

It’s on the official “works with SmartThings” compatibility list. :sunglasses: