Suggestions for a garage door opener that works with both Alexa and SmartThings Hub (2023)

I have an older SmartThings hub and want to connect a garage door opener to it. Any suggestions as to brands? I have a number of lights, proximity switches and Kasa outlets connected to my Hub and they all work fine.

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What country are you in? The device selection does vary. :thinking:

I live in the US

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Does the garage door currently have an automatic opener, and if so, which model?

Also, do you want to automate more than one door? (Some garages have two or even three doors, but not all home automation mechanisms can support those.)


Also, some home automation, retrofit devices work by essentially hotwiring the existing control button on the wall, but this will bypass some UL 325 safety features. You may not care about that, but a few townships and some homeowners associations do require UL compliance for garage doors, so it’s just something to be aware of. :thinking:

One popular choice in the US is Aladdin Connect from Genie. It works with most garage door openers, does meet UL 325 safety standards, and has both Alexa and smartthings integration out of the box. Typically sells for about $60. You will need to do a little research to make sure It works with your specific GDO model, though.

It’s a Wi-Fi device, so integration is cloud to cloud. You don’t have to have a smartthings/Aeotec hub to use it. But if your Internet goes out, you will no longer be able to use your automated rules. You can still use your regular garage door opener in those situations.

Also note that in the list of device partners in the smartthings app, it is listed under “A“ for “Aladdin,“ not under “Genie.”

Thanks JD. I have a Chamberlan and Precision opener. I’ll check to see if they are compatible to the Aladdin.
I guess it doesn’t really matter if it can connect to SmartThings, but it would be nice to connect a motion sensor to it and controlled by SmartThings.

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One thing to be aware of with Chamberlain: there used to be a couple of different ways to get some integration between their MyQ app and smartthings, but chamberlain shut all those down about six weeks ago. And in the last year or so, they also shut down their Alexa, Google, and HomeKit integrations. For right now, at least, they want everybody to pay a subscription and use their MyQ app.

Chamberlain puts and end to free MyQ API access for third-parties | Poc Network // Tech

But a number of the older chamberlain models will work with the genie Aladdin connect, so you just have to research the specific model.

More importantly, if you’re doing Internet research and you find anything older than November 2023, it may be significantly out of date as far as MyQ goes. :thinking:


There are a couple of discussions that were created after Chamberlain summarily blocked third party access to their MyQ API and thus broke the community-created method of controlling garage doors

The discussions are all of mostly Chamberlain owners. A couple of the options being discussed are Meross and Tailwind as well as some DIY methods.