Can this be done: add Linear garage controller with Aladdin Connect?

I purchased a genie garage door opener with aladdin connect. Its not compatible with smartthings, but could I hook up an iris door opener along side the aladdin? I mean wire both units to the genie.

The iris device is just a rebranded version of the go control device. I would ask go control support and they can tell you if it will be able to control it or not.

Thanks @JDRoberts. I will contact them and ask.

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@JDRoberts I spoke to tech & he I don’t even need to hook up the Aladdin, just use yhier device. He didn’t answer if both devices could be hooked up at the same time. When I was searching online to find an answer, I came across a post from the UK with the person saying he hooked up both to have a back up if smartthings is down. What i.dont know is if both r hooked up is that a fire hazard.

The Linear/Go Control/Iris controller is a dry contact. I’m not sure what the Aladdin uses, but I would guess it uses something similar to your wall control buttons. I wouldn’t see an issue.