Genie Aladdin Connect

Is there any way to use alladin connect with Smartthings?


I guess I’m the only person using this for my garage doors? That’s just crazy! They work great. I just wish Smartthings would support it.

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I’d like to know the same… I have one of my(originally IRIS branded) garage controllers on ST and would like the Genie Aladdin one also! Fingers crossed.

Has this connection been done yet? Has anyone gotten the smartthings hub to work with the genie Aladdin?

I guess not.

Is it possible to connect this to ST through IFTTT?

No, there is not an applet for the genie.

Sad thing is it works with Iris. I haven’t bought this, but it seems slick, as you can give temporary access to others. (Anyone know if you can do that with ST devices?)

so iris works with google assistant and IFFT which both work with Smartthings…

This would be nice as well! Upvote! lol

I came across a node.js implementation for aladdin connect on github a few weeks back. It’s only for the more ‘advanced’ or at least it’s not supported officially. I haven’t had time to try it but I will and circle back. could at least update a virtual switch etc. more documentation about the npm here:

python: (with open/close control)

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Did you have any luck with this one?

Any updates?

Any updates yet?

These suggestions all require that your “Genie Aladdin Connect” be set to “IRIS mode” from the configuration page, only accessible by it’s IP address on your local network. Once you change it to IRIS mode, the Genie Aladdin Connect app won’t work for your door anymore, (nor will OHD company app if u use that one), You’ll have to download the IRIS by Lowes app and create an account and add a device, your garage opener and door sensor.

So IRIS does work with google assistant, but IRIS doesn’t allow GoogleAssistant to access “locks” ie the garage door.

However, the IRIS app does give you the option to send an email if an event happens. IFTTT can read your gmail, and use it as a trigger, SO IRIS APP > Garage opened > Send Email > IFTTT > Turn virtual Switch on or off Smartthings. But there’s no control of the door with that method, only door status.

I was using the IRIS+ 3rd party android app awhile back, it has IFTTT integration with a virtual switch for open/close. It was an expensive app I think maybe $10, it’s been awhile. Anyway, the app isn’t very good but at least it had IFTTT to integrate IRIS (genie Aladdin connect) with smartthings. An expensive option but does have the open/close and status and can update the door status in smartthings. Although, it runs all the time in the background soo, maybe on a stay at home tablet?

I looked at the git for the npm for aladdin connect and it’s pretty straight forward. There’s no example script for smartthings so I’ll have to make one or something :slight_smile: it will still require a node.js server on your home network running 24/7 which can be challenging sometimes.

I have quit using it…The batteries in the door position sensors only tend to last a few months if you use the door frequently and the controller drops frequently. Now, it has lost the internet connection and is a super PITA to set back up. I guess it needs to be reconfigured from scratch but since it doesn’t integrate very well I may go with another option for my two garage doors. Myq possibly or if I can find the iris zwave go controllers I think they’re best. I did like the notifications I got from the Aladdin app when it was working!

Thanks for the update! I know the smart controllers are coming down in price quickly! It’s just a wifi relay after all.

Yep, don’t know why they use button batteries on the sensor, it’s not a key fob item it hangs on the door. They could easily make it one AA or two AA batteries and we’d get good battery life and be able to use rechargeable batteries. They didn’t think it through very well.

Update on progress, if you have node.js on your network at home you can at least get status and open or close the door through the terminal interface or whatever you use to control node.js. I’ll write a smart app and dth eventually.

npm i node-iris-aladdin-connect-garage-door

Download or clone the repo:

Change the 3 example scripts by replacing Iris username with yours and same for Iris password.

Run one of the 3 the scripts. Check the output for status like closed/open etc.

This .js can connect to homebridge or something until the smart app gets made.

The Google play app had a reply from the developer, that ifttt support was indeed being worked on for release.