Genie Aladdin garage door

I was on the phone with customer support asking if they ever will be compatible with Smartthings or Alexa & the rep said it’s up to those companies to contact them if they want the garage door to work with their system. Dhd said losses was the only company to do that & they are working on apple homekit version which will be available next year. It looks like Aladdin connect will.never work with smartthings & alexa & if they do make a co.oatinle version, then that will be a newer model…new purchase.
I know when I purchased mine back in January of this year it was not compatible but I always held out hope that it would be in the near future. Almost 1 year later looks like it will be never.
I am curious is there a way to buy a smart garage door opener & hook it up to what I have without replacing the garage motor itself.

What’s the exact model of your device?

I have the genie silent max connect belt 3/4 hpc.

Its likely you can add a tilt sensor to the door to know the state.

Then add a dry contact relay like this

into to the push button wires. ST would know when the door is open or closed and you activating the relay would cause it to open or close. Some of the new doors require more than just an open close contact on the push button though so be careful.

Just a question but could I swap the genie wifi module with an iris zwave garage door controller?

I’m about to buy the exact same garage door opener and don’t plan to use the Genie Aladdin capability. Did you ever get the GoControl Linear to work with your genie silent max connect belt 3/4 hp?

I never tried that but I was wondering if u could hook that up without changing the whole garage door motor itself.

Genie Aladdin is good but I was hoping for smart integration with samsung but that ain’t gonna happen with genie.

What I dont understand is if this model.can pair with the lowes iris hub, then why cant it pair with smartthings?

I think iris is a zigbee hub. Perhaps a custom device handler could written for ST.

I’m just hoping somebody is able to.come up.with something. I’m not gonna replace it but nice to tie into smarttjings.

Looking closer at the Aladdin website. It appears to be wifi and cloud based similar to the Chamberlain MyQ. Fortunately it does not look like Genie is asking for a subscription fee to get your system to work with anything but your phone. Perhaps you could enlist someone like Brian( ) who wrote the most excellent FREE MyQ Lite integration to look into the Aladdin. I’m guessing the first step is to find out if they are willing to share information for users to write applications.

My mother always said “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”. Contacting Genie and letting them know what you want may have more impact than you think.

Every so often I would call genie asking about smartthings integration & every time the rep would say they are discussing it. My last conversation about 3 weeks ago, the rep said they were working on a new model with apple to make it homekit enabled & it would be released some time next year. She also said it was up & dosing them if they wanted there product with alexa & smartthings. I may call again tomorrow & see if the response is different. I know genie works with iris. Il.give it a stab & ask Brian to. Thanks.

Just for the fun of it I sent them a inquiry via their website. The response was similar. Not right now, maybe, no timeline.

If they do make it compatible with smartthings my guess would be they will make people buy a new model instead of some type of add on fee.

That could be. However if their butt is getting kicked by Chamberlain because MyQ works with more systems they may be highly motivated to get it working with other systems and they they may try to one up Chamberlain by making it included in the unit cost.

You really never know. I never imagined the Chamberlain would try the subscription thing. Why would you want to pay monthly to use your garage door? :slight_smile:

U have ro pay a monthly fee?? For what?

I do not pay the fee. There is no official support from MyQ for ST. However the excellent MyQ Lite app and DH does work with ST and it’s free. However, MyQ charges subscription fees for many of its other integrations such as Google Home and IFTTT. So you have smart door but if you want to do anything smart with it you have to pay.

I’d settle for integration with IFTTT if they don’t want to do smartthings integration directly.

Last conversation I had with them a few weeks ago was they are coming out with a new model with homekit integration. You asked me, they are looking for $$$$$.