GE 40 amp zwave smart switch for pools (45734/12726)

GE 40 Amp Z-Wave Smart Switch, Direct-Wire Indoor/Outdoor… Has anyone tried with Smartthings?

That’s the 45734. Not a new device, it’s been out for a couple of years. Zwave classic, not the newest generation, Z wave plus.

There’s a newer model, 12726, but I don’t think there’s any difference between them. It looks like it was just renumbered when the wall switches were renumbered.

I don’t know if anyone has used it with smartthings or not. It should work fine for basic on/off. The energy monitoring might require a custom device handler.

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Does anyone know if there is a limit to the pool pump horsepower that this switch can control?

Manufacturer specs are 1 HP@120 or 2 HP@240

This model is manufactured by jasco using the GE brand under license. The following is their marketing site which has a lot of information on each model. You could also check the user manual at the Jasco site.

I have been trying out model #12726 with ST.
It seams to hang.
After a week and now it is with in 2 hours that it hangs.
By looking at “My Device” list on line it reads INACTIVE.
I have Uninstalled & Reinstalled. I will be in touch for Warranty.
It serves an Excellant purpose of shutting off the well pump when setting to away mode.

@LostCause : Did you ever get this device to work correctly? I am interested in it as well.

Sadly no. But, it was breeze to return.
I should have attempted to be in touch with the manufacturer, but didn’t.
It was perfect for #10 wire though.

I went with a slightly lower cost Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch.
Could not make it work. Emailed Customer Support at Aeotec, huge help.
I needed a custom Device Handler.

I was new to any of that, support was very responsive to how to make it work.

I use it at my weekend cabin to kill my well pump when Set to AWAY.
Also, it can be tripped by the Water Sensor on floor If needed.
Mostly plastic, very challenging for #12 & #10 wire.
I acquired a 2nd for the Electric Water Heater as well.
I will be ordering the 3rd after the holidays for my home on a well too.
Quite pleased, but should have been in touch with manufacturer originally for the GE.
Good luck.

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I purchased this GE 40 amp switch about a month ago and installed it for my pool pump. The smartThings hub recognized it within 10 seconds. It was a breeze to setup. My pool pump is a Pentair Challenger 2 HP. While running, I can see how much power is being used and the total used since last reset.

I have a CoRE piston that runs the pump for a regular schedule and if the temperature drops below 33 degrees F.


Does anyone know if the this smart switch has an integrated “firemans switch” where it turns off the heater 15 minutes (roughly) before it turns off the pump? The idea being, the sitting water doesn’t overheat and melt the piping. It seems my current (but very old, non z-wave) controller has this built in, and I’m hoping that this Jasco/GE device has the same functionality. It is advertised as having “pool pump features” after all…

I’ve searched online and haven’t found anything. The manual seems kind of useless.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Does not have firemans switch. You will need 2 different devices and schedule it that way.
I’m surprised the heater doesn’t have some sort of safety build in that prevents the water to overheat. You might want to research installing that yourself. Might be cheaper than 2 of these switches.

So I installed the 12726 switch for my waterheater. Seems to work well. The only thing not working well is the reporting it does on usage. I don’t see it report the change in usage when the waterheater stops or starts using power. Only if I press refresh. Any handlers out ?

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I just got a 12726 and ran across this thread. Does anyone know if a custom handler is needed for the 12726? It connected fine and I can turn it on/off but I’m not receiving the power or energy events.

try “Zwave Metering Switch” to read power

Hey Eric, yes, that’s what I have it set to, but I never get updates. What I found is if I hit refresh it shows me the current energy consumption, but never updates after that unless I hit refresh again. I wrote a simple monitoring app but it also doesn’t appear to receive any of the events. I’m trying to detect when a pump is running too long and automatically shut it down.

The delivered handler is not working correctly. When I get more time I will look into writing a handler but that could be a few months. At least I hope it’s the handler that’s not working correctly and not the switch itself. Taks 2 to tango.