Control pool light and waterfall pump with Ge 12725?

Hi Everyone,
I bought a 1000w GEzwave dimmer 12725 (which says does not need a neutral ) and tried to use this for the pool and spa light. it worked without a neutral but i think the pool & spa lights are led and even when i would turn off the light from smartthings the pool & spa light would flicker on and off. Is this mostly because this ge switch is not designed for led or because it does not have a neutral or both?
what would u guys recommend i do in this case scenario?

Also there is a waterfall pump that right now works on a normal light switch. I want to make that smart as well. should i try the GE zwave 12725 on the pump? I dont think a dimmer on a pump for water jets is a good idea right ? if not what could i use for a z wave switch that is non dimmable and can handle that load?

Thank u everyone in advance

Correct: the GE 12725 is a dimmer switch, it should not be used with anything that is a motor. It is only spec’d to be used with resistant dimmable lights. That means incandescent or halogen. Not LED or fluorescent or CFL or on a transformer. So you just are trying to use the switch for something that it is not designed for in both the case of the pool lights and potentially the pump.

We need to know the horsepower of the motor and the number of amps. Brand and model number of the pumps would help if you have them.

If you need a dimmer switch that does not require a neutral but that can handle LEDs, look at the Lutron Caseta. You will also need the Lutron smartbridge device for the integration with SmartThings. (One smartbridge can handle up to 50 Lutron devices) . The Lutron are very well engineered. And as long as you follow the specs I think you will be very pleased with them.

For the motor, there are several possible devices, but again we need to know the exact specs. Also will this device be indoors or outside?

JDRoberts. I wanted to personally thank you since you are always and i mean always here to help people. You are one of the few people that are always here to guide us.
I am attaching a photo of the pump being used for the waterfall.
regarding the pool & spa light, could i use just a regular z wave light switch that is designed for led bulbs? I think this should be ok right?
And i would prefer to use something thats z wave or at least wifi for the waterfall pump as i dont want to introduce anymore hubs then i have too. (if possible at all.)
Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry, I’m having some vision problems. I’m pretty sure there is a model number on the pump, but I can’t read it.

I use this for my Waterfall pump. Very robust.

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model #C48D31A04 / SP2707Z1M
Serial # 04018J2ML060017126

I searched online for a bit with the model number and or the " SP2707Z1M " but could not find an exact match to post the details.

its 115v @ 13.3amps so im thinking it can draw up too 1529watts at max (i could be wrong here)

Label image posted indicates:
HP 1.0
KW .93
Amps Max load 13.3/6.9-6.8

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Hi Tony,
Does KW indicate Kilowatt hours? If so then this motor uses 930 watts an hour?
If this is true then a non dimmable zwave switch should be able to easily handle it given that they are normally 15amp rated and can work up to 1800 watts.